Sunday, November 23, 2014

"I used to have a crush on him, but then he told me he doesn't like Disney. That's a turn off."

Friday after school I got to visit Juniors Audrey and Lauren at Starbucks as they hung out with Wyld Life girls Sarah, Grace, Elise and Maggie. I found them all sitting around a table with their friendship bracelets tapped on the edge. I love that they're making time to spend together.

I spent most of the night with Grace, Hope and Katy. When I asked them how they wanted to spend the night they said, "Eat pizza and color!" That's my kind of people. 

We gathered at Katy's house to sing Wicked at the top of our lungs, eat pizza, color a mural and play Headbandz with Katy's little sister. Hope taught me the Sharkteeth pattern and Grace and I finished off the whole pan of cinnamon rolls. 

Saturday morning was devoted to Wyld Life leadership at KCraig's house and Saturday afternoon was all about Young Life leadership out at the barn. In both spaces we got to connect, plan, read the bible together and come up with new plans that we're excited about. I'm so thankful that I get to serve with both of these groups.

Sisters Grace and Audrey play on an indoor soccer team and I've been meaning to watch one of their games. This weekend I went to cheer them on and brought Lulu along to surprise Audrey and play as an alternate. I love Grace and Rachel's coaching from the box and getting to see Hokum Scarum dominate the field. Audrey got three goals aka 6 points for her team that led them to victory. 

Sunday morning I got to sit with the Dewolf family at Northview. The music was three of my favorite songs: Build Your Kingdom Here, One Thing Remains and Your Love Never Fails. In the sermon about partnering with God they celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Northview Kids, North Beach and Capstone. It's incredible to hear the story of how God continues to bless the people who are willing to step out in faith for Him.

*Post title honorable mention: "This morning I watched a video of Taylor Swift. And it was a Christmas song. And she was dancing with snow. And I was like, "Praise you!"

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