Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Jesus is my best friend. Know who my arm is around right now? Jesus. You just can't see him."

I started writing and posting stories years ago because I thought the people in my life were worth talking about. I think I'm incredibly lucky to overlap with such fantastic people and I do my best to hold on to the friendships I've created. Today I got to spend time with some great people.

Sarah and Grace-- 7th grade girls, best friends, incredibly adorable. At first they're both quiet and you might think they don't have a lot to say. But once you get to know them they're all smiles and they talk a mile a minute. I'm lucky enough to have them both in class right now and to get to be in their small group at Wyld Life or hang out with them at FBC.

Ayden-- 7th grade boy, hilarious. This kid is one of my saving graces every morning when I'm teaching in the middle of junior high chaos. This 12-year-old is one of the most helpful and respectful boys I've ever met and that's saying something. He volunteers to help kids that others might avoid, he always does his work on time (and often before it's due) and he always makes me laugh. Tonight when I told him that Sarah and Grace were "my girls" he was upset that he wasn't "my girl" too but then decided it was okay if he was a "homie" instead. 

Liz- freshmen girl, wise beyond her years, incredibly loyal. I got to have dinner with Liz tonight before I headed off to Wyld Life. I'm not usually a leader for freshmen this year but Liz and I have continued to meet together and hang out. Her commitment to her faith encourages me. When I find out about a Christian concert in the area she's always the first person I invite to go. I can't wait for her to be a Wyld Life leader in a couple years.

This past summer I spent a day gathering information to answer the question, "Which CILT Session has the most people currently on staff?" I surveyed Day Camp, Resident and Leadership staff to see whether 1, 2 or 3 as a whole had the most people still in polos and wooden nametags. Most of us were surprised to find that Session 1 ended up winning.

Today Smoon and I brainstormed some other camp related research topics that we would love to know the answers to.

1. What age counselors started coming to camp and what unit they primarily work with.
2. Percentage of grown-up Tecumseh campers actively involved in their faith.
3. Rating of how well counselors got along with their partners and then if they returned to work again the next summer.
4. The most signed-up for clinics by village.
5. The kid and counselor that have been paired together the most years in a row.
6. How many hours of sleep counselors get per night, by unit.
7. Average years of a camp career, including camper and counselor years.

What research topics would you add?

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