Sunday, November 30, 2014

"I think Scandal is just like the Gilmore Girls."

Thanksgiving morning I woke up at my sister's house and she was already hard at work cooking delicious things in the kitchen. I hung out with her and watched the Thanksgiving Parade with Lincoln as he went back and forth between the ipad and the TV. He was proudly still wearing his friendship bracelet--this is his best smiling face for pictures. 

I drove to Holland to have Thanksgiving with my parents at their house while Katie's family wen to her in-laws. I love food but my list of favorites doesn't include Thanksgiving classics. My mom is a rock star and she made my favorite side dishes for this meal-- stuffing, green bean casserole, cheesy potato casserole, challah bread and Diet Coke. Delicious.

On Thanksgiving night we watched a special on TV called "Thank You America" that highlighted people doing good all over the states. Taylor Swift was one of the celebrities they interviewed. The last thing she said really resonated with me, 

"I think enthusiasm can protect you from anything. It's the key to gratitude, it's the key to finding some semblance of happiness or contentment. You know, not being too cool for things. Not being one of those people who is so concerned with being unaffected or unmoved by life. Life is moving. Life is a moving thing to experience. You can either deny that or be enthusiastic."

I hope that I'm always enthusiastic, always grateful, always moved for life. I hope no one would ever say that I'm too cool for something. I want to live out that attitude and model it for the people around me. 

Friday morning I got to meet up with Casey Dawson at JPs for coffee in downtown Holland. Casey and I met my Junior year at Hope when she was a Freshmen rushing my sorority. We instantly became great friends and spent the next two years going on adventures, drinking endless amounts of coffee, longboarding around Holland, being SIBs together, camping out at her cottage in Grand Haven and working together at Tecumseh. She will forever be an important friend in my life. 

Friday evening we had the Leftover Thanksgiving with Katie, Nick, Linc, Red and my parents. We got to have a taste test between the two renditions of green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. Red completely covered himself in food as usual.

Saturday morning was busy at the Wright house as we finished up some projects and errands before meeting the rest of the family at El Rancho for lunch. Chips and salsa are my favorite and I got to introduce Lincoln to the wonderful world of queso. It was really good to be up in Michigan with my family for an extended weekend. I have the most kind, generous, helpful, joyful and understanding family and I'm so very thankful for them.

Sunday morning I went to church with Hannah Conrad and was happy to end up sharing a row with the Craig family. The pastor spoke about giving God our very best instead of our leftovers. God demands and deserves our first in our finances, our time and our hearts.  It was a good call to action and challenge this season.

Our 2nd Annual Pinterest Potluck gathered adult and HS Wyld Life leaders at KCraig's house Sunday night. Everyone brought something to pitch in and we had more than enough food. Jess and Connor made cookie dough and brownie batter dips. Audrey and Blaire made inside out caramel apples. Brock brought Santa nutter butters. Natty brought chocolate cupcakes with reeces melted inside. Jacob outdid himself again with cheese pizza pockets and marinara sauce. KCraig cooked up green bean casserole, pumpkin dip and a fruit platter. Rachel made a pineapple fluff. Alli made no bake cookies. Alyssa made chocolate dipped pretzels. Marie and Natalie made chocolate covered peanut butter oreos. I brought blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls.

Just like most people's Thanksgiving feasts, we all stuffed ourselves with food and still had plenty leftover at the end of the night.

I was glad we also brought back a few of our favorite games to the Pinterest Potluck. We divided the group in half to play Fishbowl, then attempted Mafia and finished the night with Family. It's sweet to just hang out with all of these people without a real agenda or any business to take care of.

This next week our HS leaders in training will be meeting one on one with KCraig to decide if they should become a leader next semester. I love getting to be part of this discipleship and watching these kids grow.

p.s. I also recently learned this new patter called Shark Teeth from my friend Hope. I love it.

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