Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"You should always say nice things to people even if you're on XBox or Nintendo playing games with people."

At Young Life you can wear Wolf Shirts on Monday... or any day of the week if you're Haleigh. Seniors like Hannah and Cassidy might try to constantly distract you but you can't help but love them.

Our group of Seniors and Sophomores meets in the cubby room and we love sharing that space together. I love our weekly talks and hang out time in that room. Monday we talked about dreams and the future and what we hope and pray for. One idea that has stuck with me from Storyline is that the climax of our life is not something we're waiting for here on this earth, but after we die when we'll stand before God and he'll say, "Well done my good and faithful servant." That's the kind of climax we're hoping for.

FRIENDSHIP BRACELET CLUB SWEATSHIRT DESIGNS ARE OUT! I'm so excited about our FBC monogram and the bright pink for this year's sweatshirts. I started collecting money on Monday for the sweatshirts and can take orders till Friday November 21st. I'm anxious to see if we break our record of 220 sweatshirts last year.

One of the biggest changes of KCraig going on YL staff this year is that I no longer get to see her at school every day. I miss that. Whether we were yelling about something in the hallway, talking during lunch or she was crashing my 4th period class I knew that she was a consistent part of days at HSJH. So today after school we hung out at her house for awhile just talking about YL and our kids and Summit and what gets in our way of doing what we need to and camp this summer and just everything. It was good.

Tonight we had a Sharp Top Cabin Reunion with six of my nine girls-- a pretty decent turn out. We brought along Gavin and Matthew too (you can see them in the reflection of the mirror) and had a dinner party at McAllisters. I love when I get to hang out with these girls with no agenda. I'm lucky to get to do life with each of them.

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