Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Fires is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!"

Making bracelets is a good time, but playing games after school with a group of 50 people might be even more fun. So today we played. We played the Airport Waiting Game. We played Shuffle Butts. We played Wink Tackle. We laughed. It was awesome. 

Then of course we also started some new bracelets. At lunch today another teacher asked me, "So what do the kids do with all of those bracelets?" Give them to their friends of course. you can never make too many bracelets. It's just not possible. So we learned the Railroad Tracks pattern and tied knots and sang along to High School Musical.

Soon after FBC, Julia, Hope, Katy P, Lulu, Audrey and I met up at Qdoba for an early dinner and a hot sauce initiation into the Mockingjay Club. This group of girls has become our movie premier group and this newest installment in the Hunger Games was one we weren't about to miss.

 Katniss Everdeen is the face of the revolution, young adult literature and girl power. She's a rock star. And tonight Mockingjay Part 1 was released. After Hunger Games and Catching Fire you can bet that we were in line two hours before it was scheduled to start rolling. I'm thankful for the time to just hang out with Audrey, Lulu, Katy, Hope and Julia. They're the kind of people I always want to spend more time with.

One of the best parts of movie premiers is that the theatres are packed and you run into so many other people that are there to watch it too. Tonight Jordan, a Senior Varsity volleyball player, and her sister and friend sat down in the row in front of us. After going to watch YL girls in volleyball games all Fall Jordan was a person that I wanted to be friends with because of her enthusiasm, kindness and spunk. Julia came right out and said, "Jordan! Miss Wright wants to be friends with you!" Luckily, she wasn't too weirded out and we were all friends a few minutes later. Now Jordan, Jen and Katie might even come to YL on Monday. 

The movie was fantastic. There were some differences from the book and I'm low key upset that we'll have to wait a year for Part 2, but you should definitely go see it.

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