Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Are you falling? Are you tip-toeing in your Jordans?"

My first full day back in Indy was a life-to-the-full, lives-overlapping, so-Sarah-Wright kind of day. 

Lives Overlap Part 1: Arielle

I met up with Arie downtown at the General America Donut Company which is right around the corner from where she lives and a place I've been wanting to try out for months. 

The selection of donuts reminded us of Voodoo Donuts in Denver, CO. We both got a regular donut and then got a more adventurous flavor to share: Coffee Creme and Creme Brulee-- both were a smashing success. 

Arie and I both grew up at Tecumseh, were part of the Delphi United Methodist Church youth group, went to Delphi and ran XC together, worked as CILT counselors side by side multiple summer and stuck together through it all. This girl is my very oldest friend.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this summer! I love Arie and Sam (aka Wolf Dancer) and can't wait to be part of their day in July. #hirtsogood

Please notice the lovely invitation she crafted-- very, very impressive.

Then I convinced Arie to keep adventuring with me and a few blocks away we found THE wall. I've seen this mural in a few instagram posts this Fall and have been dying to go and find it. Right around the corner from the Alexander hotel we found it in all it's colorful glory.

What a day to be alive. I'm so thankful for Arie, decades of friendship and still being such an important part of each other's lives.

 Lives Overlap Part 2: Megan Cook

Oh this girl. I'm so thankful for her friendship, her boldness, her insights and the way she makes me laugh. It had been far too long since we'd hung out together and our lunch and grocery shopping date today was perfect... even if I didn't give in to her persuasive speech and switch to almond milk.

Lives Overlap Part 3: Cass and Brookie

Two of the most positive and silly gals I know-- I don't think you could ever have a dull moment with these girls. We cheered on Kegley and the rest of the HSE girls basketball team, met up with Lydia in the stands, told stories and laughed a lot. I love that I get to see Brookie every day once we're back at school and Cassidy so many times during the week.

Lives Overlap Part 4: Hools and Han

My girls. Hools and I feasted at Olive Garden, caught up on life and sang Ben Rector in the car. Han met up with us to see the new movie LaLa Land-- I'd recommend it-- and then we all worked on Top 10 Lists.

Top 10 Hopes/Dreams/Goals for 2017
Top 10 Things I Want To Do More/Less Of In 2017
Top 10 Moments in 2017

Thanks to Young Life, these girls became two of the main characters of my life and two close friends. I can't imagine what the last few years would have been like without them. I love that I get to do life with them, talk about the important stuff even when it's hard and grow up together through different stages of life.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"So you think it can't be mine because it's hearts and I'm evil?!"
"I was looking up if Fruit By The Foot is vegan."
"That's so cool! I want a forehead vein. How do I get one?"
"What do you mean you don't like Jazz?" "Well, it just means when I hear it I don't like it."
"Hot Box used to have my families photo up on their wall because we won the contest for having the most Hot Box Cups." "How many do you have?" "Oh... about 300. They're all up in our attic."

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