Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dear Miss Wright

At the end of each semester my students spend a day writing a letter to one of their favorite teachers. I get to deliver their letters to all of the other teachers in the school and I love how excited they get to read what their students have written about them. After five months together these kids can still surprise us with what they think and remember. I wanted to share some of the funny and interesting things some of my students wrote about me.

Dear Miss Wright,

You have taught us to keep going and never stop exploring. I remember when we were talking about birthdays and we found out that our birthdays are one day apart. Maybe this year we can buy each other Diet Coke for presents. You walk into class with a smile on your face and always seem to make the bad things that happen in your day into something funny.

I picked you to Wr(ight)ite about because you make school a lot more awesome. I hope you have a great rest of the year with the people who actually know how to type.

Thank you for leading FBC after school and teaching us how to make new bracelets and read new patterns. You are always helping people when they ask questions or when they need extra help. I think there should be more teachers like you because when you give someone a friendship bracelet you brighten their day. 

You have taught me so much this semester, not just about writing, composition and bracelets. Thank you for always making my day start out great. You are freaking awesome and I love getting to spend every day with you. Comp may not be my favorite subject but you make it fun.

I am pretty sure without you in my life I would be a rotten tomato or something. When I first walked into the classroom I thought it was lit! When I first met you I thought that you were just a bright little strawberry ready to be picked. I am so caught up in the fact that you are literally part of the reason for Camp Tecumseh. 

Every single day I see children just like me walk out of your classroom smiling. Some of whom I have never seen smile before. Yeah, we are supposed to move on and all but not me from this class. It is going to be impossible for me to forget about you for sure!

You are always kind and energetic. You make our day bright. You have made me a better writer and English Comp one of my favorite classes. Each one of the projects were interesting and did not put me to sleep like the ones I did in past years. You got me interested in trying new things and I will join any club you put out there. 

I'll never forget the day when I first walked inside your classroom. You had the biggest and brightest smile on your face as you greeted me and told me what comp was all about. You taught me everything like how to indent, double space and lots of other things. 

I picked you because your smile could light up a room and you put so much energy in your students. I love that we do artsy stuff in your class. When we're writing you don't interrupt us like some teachers do. Your room is so colorful and it seems so much like your personality. You taught me how to just be me and that it's all right. 

I enjoy when I'm supposed to be writing but you stop me and just talk to me-- that's funny. I like when you come to our house and maybe this year you will be snowed in for two weeks! Or maybe your apartment will flood again. I wouldn't actually want that to happen, but I would like you to stay at my house again. Thank you for asking me to do fun things like Love Tanks, Ellyn's book or just talk about life. Thank you for everything you have done for me-- it is much appreciated. 

I love that you always make an effort to say hi in the hallway. You do that for everyone and I think it is really sweet. I love how you do so much work for Camp T and Wyld Life. It is great that you have so much fun with your students. I'm really happy I got you as a teacher this year. 

I love how courageous and spontaneous you are. I admire how you are always ready to go on an adventure. Thank you for starting FBC-- it's always the highlight of my week because it's always a party. Another thing I love about you in how you help to lead many of my friends and I in the right direction. You're always so fun and awesome to hang out with.

You have taught me to love life and to love God no matter the circumstances. Also thank you for babysitting Fudge, Ava and me this year and last year. We had so much fun and are always wondering if you can babysit us when mom is gone. I remember when I first got my schedule at the beginning of the year. Fudge almost cried she was so excited for me. Now when I am working on something for your class Fudge always says, "I remember I got an A on that." Thank you for getting my family back into the show Survivor. We keep talking about the millennials v. Gen X. Also Grace always tells me if I miss homework in your class than she will be mad at me because I will make her look bad. 

You are really talented at making super beautiful and amazing friendship bracelets. You should become a professional friendship bracelet maker! Every day at lunch I'm excited to go to English Comp next to see my friends, you and do another enjoyable project. I hope you have fun with your next semester class. I'm sure they will tear up when they have to leave just like how I'm tearing up now. 

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