Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"It's an important thing. We talk about important things."

Get ready-- this post is a party.

Today I posted my latest crop of friendship bracelets and posed the questions, "If you could get a magic friendship bracelet for Christmas that would give you an unlimited supply of ANYTHING what would it be?!?!"

These people had some phenomenal ideas about what their magic friendship bracelet will bring them...
ice cream most definitely
long sleeve t-shirts
new episodes of Gilmore Girls
ice cream
new friends to give bracelets to
definitely plane tickets
Christmas socks!!!
days of camp
buffalo sauce and french fries
Bernese mountain dogs
days at camp
plane tickets and puppies!
XXL sweatshirts
camp all year round
running shorts
days of summer
camp all year!
more Young Life leaders
episodes of Friends
Young Life friends
puppies and YL camp
Big Cookie
sour gummy worms and hugs from Sarah Wright
more camp!!!
baked oatmeal for sure
for CILTs to happen all over again
Jimmy Johns all the way
nerd ropes, friendship bracelets, Chipotle or Will Smith
Swedish Fish
high fives
camp every day
vacations or Bruce Springsteen songs
time with my HSE girls
constant love from everyone
laughter and friendship
hair that grew when I wanted it to so I could switch between bangs and not having bangs
camp and corn dogs
more photos like this
friendship bracelet slap bracelets

I know that some people start decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving but I waited because it's such a huge process. You've got to find all of the decorations, unpack them, put up the tree-- it just takes sooooo much time. But today I decided it was Christmas decorating time.

(Yep, I did all of that! 2 stockings, Merry everything and a tree!)

I know you've been counting down with me till this year's Annual Winter CILT Reunion. We are now just THREE SLEEPS AWAY! In honor of all the fun we're anticipating, here are pictures from the past six years of reunions with the CILT Pack.

2015 Live The Adventure

Maggie and Nikki Lanigan Jones 

2014 Do Good, Have Fun, CILT Pack

Gaby, Annabelle, Erin, Cara, Tara, Shannon and Kelly 

2013 CILTs Have More Fun Than People

Jill, Anna, Sophie, Saaya and Paige 

CILTs 2012

 Arielle, Mags, Olivia, Ellie, Maddy, Diggy, Tera, Katherine, Kristin, JZ

CILTs 2011 "There's a party going on outside of the Yurt"

Rachel and Erin O'Awesome 

CILTs 2010 When suddenly every CILT Session had 30 girls and 10 guys (instead of the usual 20/10 split)

Katie, Mary Claire and Maggie

Unfortunately I wasn't a blogger for the CILTs of 2009 and 2008 but those reunions were just as magical...

CILTs 2016 This Is Summer-- I can't wait to see you friends.

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