Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Red held onto those pennies the entire trip and didn't even let go of them during his nap."

The end of our trip to Crystal Mountain was full of more games, more books and more time together. The boys learned how to play Gobblet...

We put together puzzles and legos and robots...

 Linc, Red and Grandma got to play together every day...

I'm so thankful for a family that will spend a whole week together, who takes care of each other and loves one another so well. I'm very lucky.

And I even got to run into my dear friend Casey Dawson (from Hope) and her husband Kevin on our last morning. It was so good to see her and briefly catch up. Casey was one of my very best friends during my last two years at Hope and so many of my favorite memories included her and her intentional friendship.

When we got back to Holland Mom and I finished the t-shirt quilt we had started before the trip. Now it's off to the quilter! Can't wait to put this on a bunk bed at camp this summer when it's totally done.

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