Monday, December 19, 2016

"On Christmas Eve I'm starting to give sermons in the car. And they're really good."

CHRISTMAS BREAK HAS ARRIVED! After a semester of hanging out with the coolest 7th graders around we're taking a two week hiatus. Holden was crying tears of expo marker because she was so sad she won't have me as a teacher next semester. Because the HS final schedule is wacky I got a visit from my pals Genna, Gavin and Hannah-- being a YL leader is the greatest. 

My lunch crew is one of my favorite parts of every day in the Clubhouse. I get to hang out with my friends Brandi, Haley, Stacey and Lisa five days a week as I dine on school food and my favorite, spicy sweet chili Doritos.

Because the Clubhouse is the greatest Junior High on the planet, kids signed up for an activity period Friday afternoon. A crew of kids came to my room for snacks, crafts and movies. While Kevin McAllister wandered around NYC, we sipped Kool-Aid jammers, knotted strings, twisted potholder headbands and strung best friend necklaces.

Then the day finished with an all school assembly in the gym. Every sport and club was cheered for, students of the month competed in a "snowman building" competition, jammed out to the pep and jazz bands, and Senora Hook got everyone to do the wave.

Friday night I hung out with Cass and our friend Chloe. We went Targeting, crafting, mall shopping, nacho eating, list making and coffee sipping. If you want some great company for positivity, silliness and fun, call up these girls.

Saturday morning we awoke to sheets of ice covering the streets of Fishers. Our YL leadership meeting was cancelled and I stayed inside till noon. Maddie and I hung out and picked up a varsity bracelet from my girl Brookie.

Saturday night I got to hang out with my friends and yours, the wildly talented and wonderful Katie Evans and Allie Wier. These gal pals are YL leaders, Butler grads and two of the coolest cats that you'll ever meet. They're two humans I always want to spend more time with whether we're watching the new Will Smith movie or taking a tour of their cute little artsy house.

Christmas Break means that college grads like Hannah Conrad are home! We went to church together, grabbed lunch, made top 10 lists and talked about stuff that really matters. Hannah is in the middle of sophomore year and I'm so thankful that we get to still play such an important role in each other's lives.

Ellie and Fran showed up to bring me a Christmas surprise and to have a spontaneous hang out. I never want to take for granted that I'm so lucky to live so close to camp kids. During the reunion, Liz and I talked multiple times about how she wished she was closer to our campers. I love that I get to be part of a community that wants to live third all year long.

Oh my, my, my. One of the biggest blessings of my year has been to be part of the Wyld Life team for HSE. I get to work side by side with some of the greatest adults and upperclassmen that I know. They seek Christ, show up in kids' lives, love selflessly, live enthusiastically and intentionally point kids to an authentic relationship with God. Tonight we laughed and celebrated and it was just freaking beautiful.

"Every morning should start like this." I got to sit around a table with KCraig and Johnna this morning-- we never have enough time together. These are two of the women  I aspire to be like when I grow up, when I'm a mom and a wife and still pursuing Christ. They're honest and hilarious and raw and smart and creative and encouraging and they make me better.

Because Johnna and Brad were out running errands, I showed up to hang out with one of my fav sister pairs Mallory and Morgan. We watched TV ( one of our mutual favorite things), braceleted, wrote secret notes for the parents and learned the importance of saying, "I'm on your team."

And because there was no school today, a bit of Gray Wolf just had to get together. I love that Maddie, Meric, Wash and JP have been part of my life since they were in 7th grade and that now in their sophomore year I still get to do life with them and be part of important conversations. We asked important 2016 questions today and thought back on the year and dreamed about next year. It was exactly what we all needed. These girls are some of the greats.

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