Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Well you see what happened was, I was trying to be Simba from the Lion King, so I rubbed glitter all over my face."

We're so close to Christmas Break you can practically taste the candy canes and feel the snow falling already. Today was quite the party.

It's Lori's birthday! Gal pals came in to decorate her classroom this morning and we yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in the hall all day long. 

We spent part of class playing Kahoot with questions about English Comp, Christmas and Miss Wright. This question is always one of the funniest to see the kids answer. 

The HS kids have the weirdest Finals schedule this week. Cassidy is a rock star and came in and brought me lunch! Gosh, I just love this kid. 

The Varsity FBC gang matched for Twin Day--- what would I do without these girls? And when we played Human Ladder in the auditeria the 8th grade basketball team came in and raced us. Don't worry-- the three teams of girls dominated and all finished well before the guys. 

Maddie's family's Christmas card arrived while she was with me! She helped me pick up snacks for tomorrow, we picked out a Christmas present and visited Elise for a friendship bracelet pick up. 

I went to Book Club for the first time tonight with Emily, Rachel, Paige (old Camp T counselors) and a few of their friends. We talked about Small, Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Oh my goodness people-- this is a book you must read.

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