Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Oh he can't jump-- he's a white dog. He was our "oops" puppy."

We're just 4 days away from the 9th annual Winter CILT Reunion!
Today I snagged library aid Libby Grace to help me by alphabetizing all of the Love Tank bags for this weekend. Getting 100 bags in order is a more brain-taxing activity than you might expect. Soon those paper bags will be spilling over with notes of encouragement, love and memories.

After school I made a visit to the Kelly's house to reunite with my gal Mindy and one of my fav kids Molly who has been out of school since Thanksgiving. I got to meet their dog Sophie (this is my kind of dog, just for the record) and her bunny Evelyn. This furry pair scurries and jumps around the house together like they own the place. Just hanging out with Mindy and Molly was one of the very best parts of my whole day-- I'm such a fan of this family. 

I regularly attend sporting events to cheer on YL and Tecumseh kids but tonight's event was extra funny. Carmel was swimming at North Central so Ellyn and I went to see Kaya and Sarah Latona but neither of them was actually competing tonight... so we just got to hang out with our girls in the bleachers. Sarah tackled us with hugs, Kaya told us about her new obsession with applying to colleges and we laughed till the end of the meet.

The best way to spend a #tecumsehtuesday is always with your Tecumseh friends.

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