Friday, December 23, 2016

"That is the coolest helmet I've ever seen."

Highs of the day: 
1. Sleeping in and then waking up to the whole family eating breakfast together
2. Suiting up for our first ski down the mountain

3. Countless people complimenting Linc and Red's Star Wars helmets
4. A private lesson for Red when he skied down the hill BY HIMSELF

5. The magic green steering wheel that has changed the way these boys ski
6. Lunch in the lodge-- you just can't beat cheeseburgers, chicken tenders and french fries

7. More skiing after lunch and watching Linc love going down the big mountain over and over again
8. Going on every lift and skiing every run with Nick

9. All the "S's"-- supper, skiing at night, swimming and sleeping
10. Finishing the last episodes of Blindspot on the same day as Maddie and FREAKING OUT together about everything that just happened

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