Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Be brave, pray for others often and trust yourself

After school I drove to Butler to meet with Eshan, one of the freshmen Young Life leaders on our team. We meet with the same girls in Campaigners but after a couple weeks of mixed up schedules we felt like we hadn't seen each other in forever. She came running across the lawn to meet me, excitement has a tendency of just gushing out of her. We sat at her favorite spot in Starbucks and talked for an hour about Young Life and school and calling and what it means to be a Christian in college. Her faith inspires me because of the way it is so ingrained in her that it shows up in her speech and actions so naturally. 

When we were walking back across campus we were lucky to run into Audrey, another YL leader on our team. It's crazy to think that seven years ago I was in their spot, finishing freshmen year of college and my first year on YL, and hear I am still doing YL so much later. I never would have predicted that.

Colleen caught me in one of her slug traps (that's a figurative trap) when I got home and I almost didn't make it back out for a running adventure on the Monon. Today's highlights-- I saw a grandpa on a longboard, a collection of bridge kids of all ages, and a herd of intense geese being fed by a couple little kids.

The rest of the night I scheduled time to be unscheduled. I'm learning that I need to slow down sometimes and make myself stay at home and just be. It's a great resolution to "Cram your life with the things you love" and most of the time for me that means I'm going from one thing to the next, but tonight it included much more low key activities.

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