Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How many bubble wands are there?

While sorting through some old books today I found two titles that immediately reminded me of some friends. Either they were actually written by them and they used a pen name or they were the inspiration for the books.

MaryClaire Clemons #meow

Molly Henry #winning

Molly is under house arrest until the end of assassins and Alli and I needed some camp friend time, so we scavenged for pizza supplies and met up at the Henry house. Good friends and pizza can fix almost anything.

Tonight was a Taylor-Swift-accapella-singing, story-telling, tiger-roll-flipping, camp-anticipating, enthusiastically-venting, friend-supporting kind of night. TGFCF (Thank God For Camp Friends)

I like that I came home to find Cameron and Colleen eating banana splits. I like that No Pants Wednesday, we wear dresses, was a grand success for Colleen, Emel and I. I like that I got to talk to Kraft and Annie and Mags. I like that Katie sent me a picture of baby Lincoln because I missed him. I like that I managed to go to bed by 9:38.

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