Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Net

Today I was surrounded by good friends and for that I'm very thankful. 

In Bloom, Kelle writes about her home team of people, "The Net, my friends call it--the ever-present existence of one another, standing by, ready to catch any one of us who might be falling. We've all needed it at different times over the years..." And today as I was reading Kelle's words and connecting with so many dear friends it was a reaffirmation that I've got a pretty strong, no-doubt-these-people-have-my-back, kind of net when I need it and I'll be there for them when they need me.

Even if they're miles away, like Annie and Mags, we're going to show up in each other's lives.


We'll meet for pizza, trade some cards, drink Diet Coke and be so excited to see each other like Alli and Molls.

We'll make time to talk on the phone, like I got to today with Beef and Colleen and Chrissy and Sarah, because we care about the same things and have just got to talk to someone else who understands what we're thinking.

We'll go to coffee, like Avery and Audrey, even if we have other things we could be doing, and care about the other person's struggles and hopes and excitement.

Tonight Avery, Audrey and I shared our lows, our highs and something we're looking forward. I love the trifecta of those categories; each one with value and worth and importance to our everyday. Kelle writes about what she's looking forward to, to her uncertain future and says, "I feel lucky. I feel privileged. I feel there is a plan so beautiful in store... and we get to live it." So I will trust in that plan and do my best to live each day the best that I can.

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