Sunday, April 1, 2012

Disney's Hollywood Studios

We got to Hollywood Studio's right after it opened early this morning. Nick has the layout of the park memorized and we raced to get to the Toy Story ride right away. We met Alec, baby-stroller-parker-extraordinaire and Linc's first Disney friend.

The whole waiting area is like an enlarged toy room with Scrabble and Chutes & Ladders across the ceiling, giant toys around the room, a huge LINCOLN log house...

and enlarged book pages written about babe Lincoln.

This is easily our favorite ride. You spin around in car and shoot at targets with a cannon that fires darts, cannonballs, rings, and paint. It's pretty awesome. I played four times today.

After every round you have to take a picture of your score. Nick won all day, but this was my high score. 

We're all big Terror of Terror fans. We figured out that you get a different series of drops every time, four and a half was the most, and different views out over the park depending on what side of the hotel you're on.

We did a lot of holding Lincoln and keeping him entertained. He really was a trooper all day and Katie should get an award for how much she held him.

Nick was so excited to get a Turkey leg I think he would have gotten one at 9am if we had let him.

Linc was transfixed by a special lunch visitor.

I got in some quality reading time. Really. We spent part of our day waiting for Linc to eat or nap but we honestly never waited in lines. While most wait times were over an hour for everything we kept getting fast passes so we could always go right to the front of the line. After we each rode the Rockin' Rollercoaster twice we even gave away a Fast Pass.

We got the end of a Disney Channel Rocks! performance. If I had to have any job in Disney this would be it. Think hip-hop clinic meets show choir meets Disney.

When we were little the dance performances were all done by the Kids of the Kingdom and I'm pretty sure Katie and I would have done anything to become one of those kids.

We watched Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and ate some ice-cream...

hung out in stores to get out of the sun, watched Muppets 3-D and the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, met a Toy Soldier, and went on all of our favorite rides again.

In the words of Nick, "We rocked the face off that park today." We saw one of Katie's old Hope friends early in the day and she asked why we were there because we only had a baby with us. "We REALLY love this place," we told her. Can't wait to go to Magic Kingdom later this week.

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