Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

After driving all day yesterday, a collection of books, lists, bracelets, Linc spit-up and pit stops, Nick and Katie dropped me off back at home in the middle of the night. I got to wake up back in Indy for Easter Sunday. I got to church just in time to slide into the pew beside Michelle and Mary Ellen. The resurrection is a story of life becoming more meaningful. The resurrection means that even in the midst of sadness and suffering we still can find life worth living. The one who created us holds it all together.

I went to Easter lunch at the Whitmer's, a collection of Young Life friends and family all gathered together for a feast. I love that I get to enter into life with these people here in Indy. 

And I really loved getting to play with the Houghton kids. Nick really wanted to be my friend today, he climbed right into my lap to share some funfetti bunny cake.

He used a fork but you wouldn't believe it based on the amount of icing that still got all over him. The cake was just so fun it basically exploded.

While all of the adults talked inside we got to play out in the sun. It reminded me of my Day Camp days even though these kids are significantly younger.

Ky jump roped, Nick played with bungee cords, baby Rae pulled crayons out of the box and then put them all back in again. I loved going back and forth between each of them watching them show me something cool or joining in on the play dough making. 

These kids are pretty special.

They mostly played on their own today but I loved when they would start hanging out together.

While we were playing with the farm animals, Nick told me the pig died. I told him that was said and asked if anyone else had died. He thought for a second and said, "Jesus is dead too." "Really?" I probed to see where he would go with this, "Jesus is dead too?" Nick smiled and said, "No, Jesus is alive!" The child speaks the truth.

Later in the afternoon I got a visit from two of my favorite people in the whole world. Allison and Taylor  are both home for Easter break and we got to go on a quick Monon walk. They were two of the biggest blessings in my life my first year in Indy and they continue to have such a presence even though we're miles and hours apart.

I love that Taylor is bold and she takes big chances with her heart and with her life because living big is the only way that's worth it. She says she's not artsy but she's one of the most creative people I know.

Allison asks questions and then listens hard. She wants to really get people, to understand where they're coming from. I love that she knows she doesn't have everything quite figured out yet but she's in the middle of the journey.

Tonight I got to sit with my friends Rach and Coll. I hadn't seen either of them in what felt like so long because of break and it was good to be back together again, catching each other up on our lives.

All of the people I got to see were such a blessing and spending time with them was a great final day of Spring Break. But the best part of vacation being over is that I miss my kids and I'm really excited to see them tomorrow. I'm thankful for a job I love.

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