Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top 10 Highs of the Day

1. Griffin's comments, Molly's positive attitude, Malena's help, Mark's humor, Hubert's creativity... I have great kids.

2. I finished the revision of my camp book and have a fresh copy of the work.

3. I love when plans are in the works for something very exciting and have a couple of those things right now from YL and school.

4. People watching on the Monon and having a good run.

5. BLOGIVERSARY! Thinking about writing the past two years and collecting pictures from so many people.

6. Eating dinner with Emily, Hannah and Kayla at Zoups. I love spending time with them.

7. Being Team Rue in Capture the Flag and winning two of three games. YL Rues.

8. All of Young Life-- watching the boys play hockey, playing Hunger Games in the field with the girls, rip-sticking, Asher and Nuclear getting so into the games.

9. Hearing from Allison Stamer even if it made me miss her more.

10. Skyping with Mags and Ellie.

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