Monday, April 23, 2012

Things I Love

Campaigners on Monday nights
making lists with Mags and Annie
talking to Maeve on the way home
when Molly, Grace, Genna and Payton all went out of their way to come say Hi to me today
that today is Taylor Porter's birthday even if I can't be with her
reconnecting with one of my HS English teachers at Starbucks
friendship bracelets for summer camp

talking to Mags on Skype and never running out of things to say
Eshan's heart for God
how Jake makes everyone feel included
"Trust me, and don't be afraid. Many things feel out of control. Your routines are not running smoothly. Let me lead you to the rock that is higher than you and your circumstances. Take refuge in the shelter of my wings, where you are absolutely secure. You are mine for all time. Nothing can separate you from my love."
having a scratchy voice because it makes me feel like I have a camp voice
making thankful lists in Campaigners

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