Monday, April 30, 2012

She's fist-pumping because she feels so powerful

Today I'm Thankful For

1. Block scheduling because of ISTEP. Did you know changing up your normal routine is good for your health? It really was fun to have my kids in class extra long. I miss the rest of them and am excited to see them tomorrow.

2. We wrote moon poems and post secrets, basically my room is creativity central right now. English Comp is so fun. School is so fun. Education is so fun. 

3. Artsy girl turned around today and said, "Miss Wright, do you think you want another one of my drawings soon?" I was shocked. Of course I gave a very enthusiastic, "YES! OF COURSE!"

4. Lunch with 8th grade girls was hilarious because of stories about screwdrivers accidentally going through hands and a trip to Kings Island and random strange noises.

5. I got to do some underground work on a really sweet project that is in the midst of production by doing research and making important phone calls and sending inquiring messages. I realize this is vague. But it was really fun.

6. We had a Fazoli's feast at leadership tonight. Everyone got approximately eight bowls and plates, fifteen breadsticks, half a pan of spaghetti and half a pan of alfredo, an entire salad and an Irish Cream cake. It really is such a gift that dinner is just provided for us by a Young Life family every Monday night.

7. Just Audrey, Eshan, Jenna, Mary Ellen, Jake and I were there for all of leadership so we told stories and laughed and talked about our team and camp this summer and the school year ending and where we'll all be next year. It was informal and community and just really great.

8. I love that I get to see Samantha, my token Camp AND YL girl, every Monday night. I love talking with Megan and Eshan and Seniors like Mac, Steph, Kayla, Coop and Emily about our highs and lows and prom and the Camps sheet and always wishing that we had more time.

9. Feeling close to friends that are actually quite far away is the best. Soon I will be far away from technology but for now I'm loving phone calls, texts, and emails with friends.

10. I was greeted at the door when I got home by a dog. Yep, a dog. Jumped on my leg and everything.  It is true that I found a dog on Saturday while mulching named Tucker that I grew very fond of, but that spontaneous burst of canine fondness has not become a permanent fixture of my personality. So while I'm indifferent about Oscar's overnight stay, I am glad that means that Colleen's mom Carol is here for the night.

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