Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"They won't have friends, they'll have imaginary ones. I'm not worried about it."

The high of my day was easily during 6th period when Jaclyn whispered to me in the library and said, "Miss Wright, I have something for you." I turned around and this beaming little 7th grade girl handed me a cupcake and a cupcake shaped note. On her trip to Georgetown Cupcakes last week she thought of me and brought a red velvet one back for me. She is a rockstar and the cupcake was delicious.


"Miss Wright do you know what my new favorite song is?" Nope, I told her. "You raise me up," she said in total seriousness. I laughed because You Raise Me Up usually wouldn't make a fourteen-year-old's list of favorite songs.

But then the group of four girls started singing, "You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas," as they worked at multiplying radicals and graphing quadratic equations.


I set a new 5 mile record for my Spring running season and then made dinner with Eric and Emily. We made bbq chicken pizza with a cauliflower crust. Yep, the crust is made from cauliflower.

I got to hang out with Sara, Rachel and Emily and eat ice-cream and look at old pictures and laugh a lot because that's what you do when Sara is around.


New in the world of educating my roommates about popular culture--today I taught both of them what YOLO meant. Colleen had heard of it, Emel was clueless. Now they both know it means You Only Live Once. In the midst of conversation Emel started to say, "pound this, pound that" and I said, "Oh you mean hashtag?" and we called in Colleen and asked she what she thought it was called and she said, "Hashdash". Now they both know #roommatestories #yolo

Then Emel wanted to teach me about something so she showed me the Nike #makeitcount video. We like the bits of inspiration...


  1. You taught me the same things! Yolo - and maybe about hashtags? I still don't really understand that. #people #just #want #to #hashtag #everything. Cauliflower crust sounds horrifying. Was it any good? If yes, do you have the recipe?

  2. Well it ended up being more like a bbq chicken casserole when we pulled it off the pan because the crust was mush and not staying together. I think I'd just stick with bread next time and have the cauliflower as a side dish.