Friday, April 6, 2012

Westgate's Three Days of Rest

The final three days of Spring Break have been really relaxed compared to the first three in Florida. Instead of spending all day watching parades and getting fast passes to go on the very best rides we've stayed at our hotel and done a very good job of relaxing. The most exciting part was that Sarah Briggs flew in on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week with us. I was so excited to have her here and to be able to spend time together. Sometimes we read and sometimes we played games and sometimes we slept. We took walks and we ate ice cream and really we had no agenda. So different from life at home and nice to be able to take a couple-day-break from planning and getting things done.

The best part of this trip for me has been to be with family. I've gotten to see Katie and Nick so much more since they moved back from Baltimore but it's been such a gift to spend a whole week with them and Lincoln. And I love that Sarah comes and that she is just another part of my family. She slips right into the groove of hanging out and relaxing and talking and just being together with us. I love that part of our friendship that it always just feels so natural. Family is such a cool thing to be a part of- whether biological family or a group of friends that just knows each other so well it feels the same. I think Linc makes this feel even more like what family is supposed to be. People caring for each other and figuring out what other people need and saying thank you and working on schedules that might not be your own. Plus he is really cute, so good thing he is here too.

And he already loves Diet Coke so we know he's a rockstar...

I kind of can't believe this week is already over. There's been so many different pieces to it; being at Westgate brought back so many memories of being here with Arielle when I was in High School, visiting Disney earlier in the week was so much fun and adventure, I loved getting to see Kaitlyn, Megan and Sarah Briggs in Florida, and it has been so nice to just not live in my normal schedule for a week. Breaks are good for me to take a step back and get perspective and to sleep and to read/run/bracelet/allthethingsIlove and remember why I love my normal everyday life so much. It has been a great week. Truth. Everyone should do this. We think that one day in the (not too distant but a couple years at least) future we are going to do this with our families. Everyone needs some family friends in their lives. So many memories to create!

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