Monday, July 9, 2012

The beginning of the end

The past four weeks went by in a blink and Session 3 of CILTs has arrived. I can hardly believe it. Our check-in not only included 28 new CILT girls but a puppy named Scout, one of our favorite Blazers Carolyn, an old CILT Bridget. a Day Camper named Katie and a few more friends.

Amy Kruse and Emily Dignan were the first two to arrive and we're thrilled that they're here. I can't wait for us to all spend two weeks together.

We get really excited for swim checks since we only go every other week.

We cheer the girls on as the swim across the deep end to earn their blue bands.

This week Jamie and I were feeling a bit crazy and we jumped in with the girls. Totally worth it.

The first day of a Session always is such a mix of fun and first impressions and nervous excitement, we don't really know each other yet but we're all just so excited to finally be here together.

After much deliberation we decided to go to opening campfire as the musical production of STOMP! Everyone found an unusual musical instrument and together we made quite the ruckus.

I loved the Seminole Circus-- "We run a different kind of show." #butterflycircus

The CILTs hid in the woods until we had critical mass and then emerged in symphony of sounds.

I'm so excited that Sarah Meynard is here this week. I love that Soaps dressed up as soap. I'm obsessed with the Boldebuck sisters.

Team CILT 2012. I love this group.

The Drews, Beins, Mooneys, Boldebucks, Whitings and Brunners sister pairs sang Shake Your Foot together. Working here with my sister Katie was so special and I know that all of these sisters are loving it this summer too.

*We love you Demoss, Allen, Mowatt and Fisk sisters too.

Lately I keep having moments where I just think, "I love camp," as though it's one of the most wonderful things in the world and I don't think anything else could be more true. I love these traditions, I love what we stand for, I love what we get to invite the kids to share with us here.

I love that we jumprope before lunch and it doesn't matter if you mess up, you just keep trying. I love that we put flies on each other at lunch like it's the plague and the CILTs always retaliate by chanting "Party Room!"

I love that we've got two whole weeks ahead of us to get to know this group of 38 CILTs better. Together we get to work as a team and figure out the type of leader we want to be. As a group we're going to go deeper into our faith and build up our self-confidence. All of us will spend time serving others and get so much joy back in return. We come by ourselves but will leave with so many new friends.

Today I got to sit with my friend Raiona at the lake for awhile. She prefers to be called Sarah Wright and she makes sure I know what's up.

Today I got to see Sarah Maynard, an old family friend who I really love. Today I went back to my roots and hung out with Teton girls Bri and Hillary at the Lake on the rope swing and in kayaks.

Today I got to hang out with and talk to so many Seminole girls- a crew of old campers, a younger sister and a former student all mixed together. 

Today I got to watch this group of CILTs play with their new adopted campers for the first time.

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