Saturday, July 21, 2012

"The most important thing is to not get the flame too close to the kids or the tree. You don't want the fire falling on you."

Friday marked the last full day of CILTs for the summer of 2012. On a day this monumental it's either go big or go home-- so we spent a significant amount of breakfast under the table because that's really fun.

I loved having Allie, Annie, Molls and Tina behind me. Watching Vanneman and his boys was so entertaining.

I've loved having Rachel and Maeve at camp as counselors this summer. I seriously get so excited every single time I see them. It makes me so sad that this is their last week of Day Camp and I don't know how long it will be until I see them again. They are some of the great ones.

Gosh I just love Molls. I love being such close friends and making this face together and just getting each other and caring about how the other person is doing. I'm really going to miss her when I can't see her all the time next year.

Irving got a power wash today. I've never seen that before.

We were sitting eat lunch when Eric walked into the Party Room with a look of disbelief on his face and he asked, "What are you doing sitting at a table?" We started Final Friday picnics on the floor when we were counselors together in 2008 and have done it with ever session since then. I wasn't around when the hoppers set the table today so I couldn't let them know the plan. So halfway through lunch I took my plate and cup to the floor and got these girls to join me. The tradition lives on.

We post-poned rest hour for five minutes so we could have a quick CILT girl photo shoot. I promised Dignan that we would make it happen.

I've loved living with this group of girls for the past two weeks.

It has been so fun watching them form friendships and sharing in so many awesome conversations.

This Session feels like it flew by and I can't believe that CILTs is over for the summer after I looked forward to it for so long.

I can't wait for facebook posts, hand-written letters, highs of the day texts and reunions with all of these kids.

Cause I won't be forgetting these girls anytime soon.

Keefer and Ellyn showed up at camp to play today and it was so fun to see both of them.

We got ready for 50s night in our poodle shirts, saddle shoes and polka dot scarves. Sock hops look good on us.

Really, you never get over seeing people as great as Rachel, Carolyn and Alli over and over again during the day--every time is exciting.

I've loved getting to know Monica and Elaine so much better during these two weeks. I love seeing Tera and Emily doing such weird things together on a daily basis.

I love these people so much.

Walking out to closing campfire in the horse parade is an event itself. I got to see old counselors Charlie Bott, Sarah DeLong and Meg Blick show up. I walked with CILT girls and sang with Seminole.

I've loved having Sara McSoley here this week and getting to be so weird and fun with her all the time. Oh my gosh I just love Mags and Smooney so much. They are easily two of my favorite people in the whole world and I wish I could just hang around them all the time.

I met up with the Seminole girls to trade our souvenirs. I got a rock from Caroline, a heart friendship bracelet from Alex and a bead buddy guy from Emily. I gave each of them a (soon to be) CILT diploma with the year that they'll be CILTing on it. Isabella surprised me with a bracelet too. I'm going to miss running into these girls next week.

Yep. Love this picture of the three of us too. They're just so fun.

Morph, McSoley, Jamie and I got to proudly announce the graduates of CILT Session 3 2012.

They looked good in their CILT hats up on stage as they sang their graduation song to Avril's 'Keep Holding On.'

38 CILTs, together at camp
I'll walk by your side, you know I'll hold your hand
When it gets late, we appreciate
The devotions we had and the friends that we made
Friends that we made

2 weeks at camp, the best of our lives
Never forget all those amazing times
Longhouse and Yurt, we're covered in dirt
Midnight showers, and the wall really hurt

We love Camp T.
Cause you know we're session 3, we're here to lead
We all belong
Because we are ourselves, we're family
There's so much to say, so much left to do, but we ran out of time so Boo-Hoo
We love Camp T.
Because we are ourselves, we're family

Rainy days chillin' at Arielle's house
Cody wear a shirt, just put on a shirt, oh Cody
Hiking to the Gish getting really sweaty
Tim Tim Tim Whale 

Morph has pizzazz, he look just like Jason Maraz 
There's so much to say, so much left to do, but we ran out of time so Boo-Hoo
We love Camp T.
Because we are ourselves, we're family

And then another dream came true when I got to check "Indian Princess Torchbearer" off my Camp T bucket list. Jordan coached me up and told me just what to do. And it ended up being just great--I didn't laugh, I wasn't too hot, I controlled my cough and I didn't catch anything or anyone on fire.

I think this part of the night is so special and so important to the camp culture. When we leave here we must carry the light of Christ and the light of camp with us in all that we do.

Saturday morning we put our blue staff polos and prepared to say good-bye to the CILTs.

While Pathfinders are known for crying on Friday nights at campfire, the CILTs usually save their tears for Saturday when they say good-bye on the Longhouse porch. I'm going to miss Megan, Molly and the rest of this group.

I've loved getting to work with so many awesome counselors in the Longhouse over the past six weeks-- Arielle, Jamie, Annie, McSoley, Lesem, Colleen, Emily, Alli and Colleen.

I'm going to miss hanging out with Madi and Elaine in Choctaw every night. But just like how Crita and Cassie, CILTs of 2011, showed up today, I know we'll all stay close.

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