Monday, July 23, 2012

Greetings from Camp Tecumseh where the CILTs are easy to spot in their neon hats, the Longhouse is now full of Blazers and I'm done with CILT PLs!

Saturday after all the CILTs left I got to go eat lunch with Mags, Molls and Annie. I loved having the chance to just get to hang out with them for a couple hours. When I got back home I fell asleep for a couple hours, sleep is such a rarity in the summer and you've got to soak it up when you can. I headed to Lafayette to get dinner with my Dad and he suggested we got Urgent Care because I'd been fighting a cough and cold all week. Good thing we went because next thing you know I was diagnosed with bronchitis and was prescribed meds that will hopefully get me better soon.

We ate Olive Garden, a Wright family favorite, before heading home where I wrote my first Parent Letter. Late that night Mom, Katie, Nick and baby Lincoln arrived back home and our family was reunited. I've really missed them the last week and a half.  

This upcoming week I won't be a counselor at Tecumseh. I'm hanging out until I go to Indy to move into my new classroom on Tuesday. Then I'm leading the HSE Wyld Life trip to Michigan Wednesday through Sunday. It'll be a good change of pace and I'm honestly just so excited to go with these kids on this trip. I've been praying for this to happen for a year and it's incredible that it's almost here.

In preperation to leave I wrote the rest of my CILT Parent Letters today. It feels good to be done.

I took a tour around the OT to play "I spy one of my old campers" and found a kid in almost every cabin. Smellen is here in Catawba and Olivia is up in Lake. There are so many great kids here and I'm glad I have a couple days to see them before I head out.

I'll miss seeing Bre,

having fun with Olivia, getting hugs from Mags,

hanging out with awesome guys like Alex and Chris,

talking with Lainey and living with Arielle Face.

Tomorrow I'm going to live the dream all over camp-- I can't wait.

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