Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Pick something you feel like you were made to do and then do lots of that."

One of my very favorite things about Camp is starting everyday with chapel in the Green Cathedral. I love having everyone together in the same place and beginning our day by experiencing God together.

We sang the Desert song this morning, an addition to our playlist. Chapel is different because we look forward to it, we have fun singing these songs, we share our faith with our friends, and we make God easy to understand.

All of my life, in every season
You are still God
And I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship

I will sing praise, I will sing praise
No weapons formed against me shall remain
I will rejoice, I will declare
God is my victory and He is here

I love that Christ is the foundation of friendships that are formed in this place. Because of that strong foundation these are friendships that last. These are people that pray for us, share scriptures with us, encourage us to do what's best for us.

We visited Day Camp today with the CILTs--one of my very favorite days. I get to watch my current and previous campers playing with all of these younger campers together and it's just the coolest thing.

I think the first half an hour when scheduled activities haven't yet begun is the most fun part. The pine forest is bursting with laughter and bubble wands, hugs and ninja tag, chasing counselors and screaming toes. It's all of camp squeezed together in a bubble of fun and friendship.

I love watching these counselors because I've talked to them about switching over from being a camper to a counselor. They have the most genuine hearts and want to love these kids and give them the best week ever because of the experience they had when they were campers. You expect to give of yourself but really end up getting back even more.

And honestly, what's not to love? These children are beyond precious.

The Day Camp day is turbo-speed camp. There is no time to rest and every moment of transition is filled with songs and games and questions. These counselors are professionals at fun.

I went to the Lake with the Explorers and Voyagers--the two oldest Day Camp age groups--and got to watch the CILTs hang out with their new adopted Day Campers.

There were so many moments when I was proud of these kids especially watching Emily and Kacy working with these two kids.

The entire time they kept these kids engaged, happy, and having fun even when it wasn't always easy.

The best way to beat the heat is to stay in the water so we went to the pool after lunch.

I love the ratio of Counselors and CILTs to campers on this day because almost every kid has their own friend to give them so much attention.

And after being with somewhat older kids in resident camp it's fun to be around the 5, 6 and 7-year-olds for a day.

I made friends with this little boy Cheyenne and convinced him to try getting into the water during pool time. By the end I was teaching him to put his face in the water, breath by pulling your head out sideways, and to cup your hands with each stroke. Sometimes I really miss Day Camp swim lessons.

I'm so thankful for today. A day when we're having so much fun and doing so much good. In Love Does Bob Goff writes, "Pick something you aren't just able to do; instead, pick something you feel like you were made to do and then do lots of that... Heaven's been leaning over the rails in the same way since you got here, waiting to see what you'll do with your life."

For me that means working with kids of all different ages, it's what I feel like I was made to do. It's such a blessing to get to do that day in and day out in this place. I'm blessed.

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