Sunday, July 8, 2012

Top 10 Things I Loved This Weekend

1. Figuring out that Sarah Mooney could come with me for the whole weekend
2. Finishing a PL before I even left camp 
3. Being greeted by Emel when I opened the door and seeing her smiling face after being away for a month 

4. Sitting in air conditioning and talking about camp and life with Emel and Smooney 
5. Getting to see Krafty during his 34 hours back in Indiana 
6. Going to Orange Leaf with Emel, Smooney, Kraft and Flip in the blazing heat 
7. Eating Yats and watching Big Miracle with the girls while blogging about Session 2 kids

8. Going to sleep early and listening to stories from Sar before we fell asleep
9. Getting to eat breakfast with my YL girls and just spending time with them because I've missed them so much
10. Driving back with Sar and having a heart to heart and singing Taylor Swift in the car so loud

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