Friday, July 27, 2012

Wyld Life Day 3- Friday

We woke up early to go ride the Giant Swing but because of a scheduling mix-up didn't actually get to go. Instead we walked around camp, tried to play basketball for half a second and then went back to the cabin to talk.

Even when we're sleepy and slightly damp because of the rain we still really love each other. After breakfast we got dressed for Olympic Training. We were on Team Javelin for the bat spin, tug of war, and inner tube races. Our team of over 100 people was so energetic. The Pine girls were flipping, dancing and cartwheeling in the rain to stay warm.

I love that we can make everything fun and that we're fine with getting muddy and covered in grass.

We cleaned up before lunch and then sang Taylor Swift in line as we waited for our picnic of hot dogs, chips and cheese, watermelon and cookies.

Pine ate quick and then headed to the high ropes course. I took the opportunity to get a lot of group pictures as we were getting hooked up.

Everyone gets to climb at the same time because you go from one element to the next.

We were a little nervous at first but everyone knew they wanted to do it.

Everyone got suited up and suddenly got very intense like Brooke.

Harnesses look good on us.

I also taught them how to make the friendship face in case they met anyone fun they wanted to become friends with.

It is so cool to get share these experiences together as group. I love adventures and I loved watching all of our girls encourage one another to be brave.

It is super cool climbing up there. You are holding onto your tether but even if you fall it's still okay.

Hannah and I ended up going last together because we had to run back to change our shoes, but I loved getting to be her partner. I really loved leading with her all week. Hannah has been in my Campaigner's group for the past two years and I've grown to love and know her better. She is so kind, genuine, has high standards for herself and others, in seeking after God, challenges herself and is always so fun to be around.

After crossing all of the different elements you have to jump out to a trapeze bar at the very end to finish.

It was crazy jumping off of that platform and trying to grab on.

Ashley and Hannah both did it!

Besides cabin time talks, we also have intentional conversation in 1 on 1s. It's a chance for each kid to have time with a leader. We find a spot to sit or go walk around the camp and talk about friends, family, faith or whatever else they want to talk about. At first you think it might be awkward, but actually it's one of the easiest things to do, just talking with these girls. I loved seeing their honesty and knowing more of what's going on with their heart. I got to challenge them to think about things differently and encourage them to go after what's really important.

I've loved getting to lead with Hannah, to know Abby better and to see Kathy in this culture.

Our girls all knew each other before but represented a couple different groups of friends--I've loved watching them come together and get along so well.

We worked on bandanna and help bracelets in the afternoon--I'm pretty sure everyone has them now. Brooke surprised me with one and Haleigh made one for Hannah.

HayBut has become obsessed with Hannah and Hannah thinks HayBut is hilarious--I've loved watching them play together.

Libby got to go on stage to play Blindfolded Musical Buckets. We heard more from speaker Mike and got to talk together.

Everyone pulled out their leis and Hawaiian shirts for Luau night. They played Hawaiian music and gave us state trivia.

After we ate our dinner together we went over to the the island for Get Your Leader night.

The Summer Staff ran different games where you could earn coins. Everyone from HSE really liked climbing up the rope. Once you had a collection of coins you could turn them in to pie your leader, give them a shaving cream hair-do, or shoot them off the blob by one of the biggest guys.

Within a couple minutes everyone was trying to find a spot on the dock so they could watch the leaders being blobbed. Each one received a gasp from the crowd as they flew higher than I've ever seen twisting, flipping and soaring through the air before crashing into the water.

Our girls got enough coins to blob both Hannah and I... we were not really excited. We were actually quite petrified that we would break our necks or face plant or die.

But eventually we both made it out there and got blobbed. It was awesome. I went so high I was able to straighten myself out while I was in the air and didn't get hurt at all.

Time passes strangely while you're at camp--the days are long but the week flies. By Friday night we already felt so close as a group of leaders and I'm so thankful for all of these people.

We went back to the Club Room for the Rock Opera, had ice-cream sundaes and a dance party under the pavilion and then went back for cabin karaoke.

HSE danced hard, sweated profusely and sang until our voices cracked. These kids make me proud.

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