Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today was a marathon

Mom, Katie, baby Linc and I left camp this morning before all the campers had set down to breakfast. We were headed to Fishers to the new Junior High. My old school has become a Freshmen Center so at the end of last year all the teachers packed up everything into a stack of boxes on a pallet. 

Today was the first and only day of the summer that I'll be able to come to my room. We were not overwhelmed by the idea of setting up my room in just one day.

Not only did I have my family to help, but six of my old students came to help me hang, decorate, organize, shelve and set everything up. These are some of the most positive, helpful, kind girls I know and it was so good to see them after being away for almost two months.

They were super speedy tape ball makers and when a ladder wouldn't suffice they pulled out their cheerleader lift moves.

We took a lunch break at McAllister's and Lincoln ate his first kids meal! He was all about the applesauce and macaroni and cheese.

And by about 2:30 we were finished putting up everything in the room. Libby, Mikaela, Taryn, Malena, Haleigh, Sabrina and Abby were such an army of rockstars today and I'm really thankful for them.

I feel much more confident now that I'll be ready when the first day rolls around. It's kind of funny to see all of my stuff from the last room switched over to this new space.

We made a pit stop at Buy Buy Baby so Linc could pick out a new high chair for Grandma's house in Michigan.

And then it wouldn't be a complete trip to Indy without a stop at Orange Leaf. This was a day of firsts for baby Linc--he's a fan of both chocolate and blueberry.

Tonight I got to have dinner at the Huston's house with Kathy, Abby, Ryan, Hannah, Riley, Stephen and Michael--the other leaders going on our Wyld Life trip that begins tomorrow morning. From the first meeting with parents and Jon in my classroom last Fall it has been so evident that God has had his hand in this. I remember Jon and I talking in the parking lot afterwards and saying, "I really think this is going to happen." And little by little the pieces have fallen together as parents have stepped up and donations have been made and now we're going to Timber Wolf Lake for the first official Young Life event.

Tomorrow morning at 7am we'll be climbing onto our bus--34 kids and 8 leaders ready to have an incredible adventure. I pray that these kids will experience God in a new way and trust that he is already working in their hearts. I'm so excited for these girls and guys to grow closer with one another, with the leaders and with Christ. Big things are happening.

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  1. So excited to hear about Wyld Life. What a crew of leaders!