Monday, July 2, 2012

What do CILTs do?

Sunday Morning- CILTs lead chapel for all of the weekend stay over campers.

Sunday afternoon- We get a surprise visit from Nina, Katie and Christa, CILTs from third session last summer.

Sunday late afternoon- I went to Lake Village with the Warrior CILTs to have dinner with them, spot returning campers that moved up to Lake and see counselor friends.

Sunday evening- CILT counselors went to opening campfire as "I love Camp because..." and had everyone sign our posters.

Sunday night- We had time to hang out in the Longhouse doing hair-wraps, painting nails and talking about all the counselors we love so much at this place.

Monday morning- First we had River chapel...

and then we planned devotions for later in the week.

 Monday pre-lunch- We had a dance party in front of the Trading Post.

We whipped our hair.

 Monday afternoon- CILT counselors visited Day Camp to talk about what tomorrow will bring...

and went to pop stop...

and saw cool kids like Annie.

Monday late afternoon- We ran around making final preparations for our Day Camp and RFAJWD day tomorrow.

Monday night- While the CILT counselors were on their night off, Lesem, Hayden, Alli and Colleen had the CILTs break camp's leapfrog record from Upper Pioneer to the Day Camp site. It took one hour and thirty one minutes and was approximately a mile and a half. CILTs are intense.

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