Monday, July 23, 2012

"Well I have a dinner date with Seminole and then a Woman's Journey date with Shoshone."

Today I had the day off--a strange and rare thing in my life. I got all my work done yesterday and I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning, so today was all about playing at camp and trying to get some rest as well.

Today I loved...
getting to hang out with Mom, Katie and baby Linc all day long
seeing friends first thing in the morning
going to River Chapel and getting to sit on the camp family bench

seeing Ava Peterson, such a beautiful soul
walking around delivering the Love Sheets on a stroller walk

hanging out in Lake Village
sitting in on hip-hop clinic and seeing so many kids that were once in my hip-hop clinic
time to sit and talk with Olivia

visiting Smooney in clay clinic
a sudden downpour of rain that listed all of a minute

running into Maeve on the Lake Hill-- I can't believe she's a Pathfinder

visiting some Day Camp trail groups at the Black Hole

seeing Mags, Andy, Courtney, Whitney, Colleen and more being great, enthusiastic, caring counselors

sitting in with Mask Making clinic while I painted a sign
hearing about their bus field trip that was so special and out of the ordinary
eating nachos for lunch with Hopi and having girls get SO excited about putting flies on people

trying to take a nap
packing for Wyld Life camp--I've got 9 wolf shirts, a fan, 3 bags of potholder loops, 2 pairs of overalls, 3 books, plus all of my stuff jammed into one suitcase
eating dinner with Katherine, Mags and the lovely ladies of Shoshone cabin
sharing dessert with Smooney, Abby and the awesome girls of Seminole

teaching people to play the Gorilla game
going to Women's Journey after missing it for so many years
seeing Pathfinder counselors love each other so much

the Lake Ladies cheer
getting to hang out with Pathfinders
hearing counselor's testimonies
having a heart to heart with Margaret

seeing old campers of mine like Emily
being so Camp Frat all day
catching up on Brad and Kraft's blogs
getting a message from Taylor Ellison
having so much excitement for tomorrow

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