Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Session 3 here we come, 38 and we're off at a run"

One of my favorite sights in the summer is all of camp gathered together in the Green Cathedral for chapel. Only at campfires and here at chapel are we all in the same place at the same time.

I'm so glad Lizzy is finally here for Day Camp and that she'll be here the rest of the summer. I love her positivity and kind heart, she just makes me so happy to be here at camp.

We celebrated Tie-Dye Tuesday because we wanted to make today extra colorful and bright. I don't why things are more fun when we all match but they just are.

I went to the Lake to play in the afternoon and got to see my friend Alice.

We made it rain in the shallow end.

You may get a certain smell after swimming at the lake but it's worth it because there are so many fun things to do here.

There were CILTs  and counselors doing great things with kids from their cabins.

After pop stop I get to go hang out with other cabins to observe CILTs and participate in their activities. Today was really fun because first I went to some Chicken Round-Up. They let out all the chickens and then pick them all up and put them back in the coop.

Some of them do it right away and some need a couple tries to build up their confidence.

Next I played Tennis Baseball with Blazer girls and got to bat and play the field.

Last I played dodgeball with Brave girls in Main Field and worked on my dodging skills while we made our deepest grunts.

Wednesday was the middle point of the whole summer at Tecumseh aka Wacky Wednesday. We do lots of things weird that day but it begins with everyone coming to flagpole dressed up in a weird theme.

The CILTs came as Occupy Flagpole (like Occupy Wall Street... you get it?) and set up camp.

We brought picnic tables and lawn chairs, protest signs and a hammock, pillows and blankets.

We still got to wear our Wolf Shirts for our weekly Wolf Shirt Wednesday. #ahoooooo

We found a couple more wolves on the way to chapel. Lizzy Dale's dream for the summer was to hold baby Lincoln and today that dream came true. He loves her.

The CILTs taught their own mini-clinics all morning. There was Speed Walking Clinic...

Portable Pals Clinic, Animal Transformation Clinic and more creative things like Interpretive Yoga and 7 Types of Hugs.

We finished our CILT cheer to an original song written by Susan, figured out how to make dubstep with vocals and finished the rap section. This cheer is awesome, one of my favorites because it's just so different.

Hugomatics are another important part of Wacky Wednesday-- all morning they accept hugs, candy and back-rubs in return for points for your cabin total.

After lunch each cabin is transformed into something creative--they decorate and come up with some kind of walk through or tour for the judges. Arielle and I went together to visit all the youngest girl cabins.

We went to the Catawba jail and met all their inmates and found out their offenses.

We got pampered in the Cherokee Spa--nails, foot massage, hot rocks, yoga, facials and refreshments. Then we went to the ChickaSHOW to see previews of movies like The Wizard of Oz, The Hunger Games and Titanic.

At Creek we first got called from the crowd when Effie Trinket called our names for the Reaping.

Inside Arielle and I represented our District in a cookie cake eating contest without using our hands. This event was most definitely not our strength.

In Delaware we got to walk a day in Cinderella's shoes. Immediately after we walked inside all the girls  started screaming at us telling us to clean up all the dress up clothes that been thrown all over the floor.

Then we found that the slipper fit Arielle's foot and the Prince waltzed her away to the grand celebration.

Our last stop was Fox cabin where we got to watch a musical scene from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Tonight I had the perfect night off. I went to Olive Garden with Smooney, Peanut, Kellie and Annie. We filled ourselves with salad and breadsticks and pasta and got refills to go. Then Annie, Peanut and I picked up Lizzy Dale to go with us to Von's, to get frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf and then back to my house just to hang out. I love that I get to work with all of these people.

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