Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Are you eating Easy Mac for breakfast?"

Sunday morning Olivia and I left the house when it was still dark outside. I dropped her off for warm-ups at the soccer field at 6:50 and went to find the nearest Starbucks to get some much needed caffeine and write a letter until game time. Now I was one of the prepared soccer moms with my chair, sunglasses, hat and water bottle. I cheered for Olivia and knew the names of some other girls on the team too. Even though they lost, the game was close and Liv's team played hard the whole time.
We were about to take the path back to the other fields when Olivia asked, "Can we go through the woods?" Very Rule #4 of her. Of course we can go through the woods. We were explorers and attempted to climb some trees. 

Olivia wanted to stay to watch her old team play in the next game so we took a port-a-potty break, got her a neon"SWAG" shirt from one of the vendors and then decided that 9:30 am was a perfect time for a snow cone. "YOLO" Olivia told me. So wise.

In the times we weren't playing/watching soccer or eating this weekend we were doing a lot of this--singing really loudly in the car. Olivia loves controlling the iPod and is currently obsessed with the songs Good Time, Firework, Never Getting Back Together, Wavin' Flag and Payphone.

In the afternoon I went on a walk with roommate Colleen and Emily. We'd all had busy weekends so everyone had stories to share about what they'd done. I love that Colleen and Emily are both so good about asking questions and just being so go with the flow.

I went to my first YL dinner of the semester at the Nikcevich house and was thrilled to be reunited with Avery, Audrey and Eshan--three of the Carmel leaders I've really missed this summer.

The house was bursting with new Freshmen students that want to get involved and I sat down to eat with two girls Katie and Emily. They were both so sweet and we immediately were making connections with Hope and MI and Mars Hill and Camp T. So many of the YL and camp girls I care about are spread out all across the country starting the Freshmen year and I can just imagine them trying to find their spot on campus like Katie and Emily.

Mary Ellen, a ton of the Butler students and I went to Common Ground, the first time I've been since before summer. It was so good to be back in that space--to sing familiar songs, to sit with friends, to takes notes during the sermon and pray during communion. It feels like home.

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