Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Highs of the Day

1. Wearing my "dream teacher" dress for No Pants Wednesday that Emel picked out
2. T-shirt show and tell in every period (there was a Warrior shirt and a sunglasses tank!)
3. The first eager girls to sign up for Friendship Bracelet Club

4. Getting to talk to Sarah Mooney, Mags, my dad and Alli Kenney on the phone today
5. Writing and thinking about camp
6. Hanging out with Abby, Maddy and Katy who are all so precious and ridiculously funny

7. Talking to fun people at Parent Night and making connections about their kids and camp and Young Life
8. Seeing Kathy Craig for .5 seconds in the hallway--she's upstairs on the opposite side so we rarely see each other
9. Our apartment got a new door! Colleen is especially excited
10. I get to go to bed a little bit early tonight

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