Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Do people drink your friends?"

What a day. I didn't have any meetings on this fine work day so I got to be very efficient with fixing little things around the room like hanging my name sign, attaching a dry erase marker to the SLT board, finishing the bulletin board, and figuring out how to make the Apple TV (yes we now have Apple TV in every room) work. I also made grade sheets, got ready for the next three days of school and even started copying all the papers I'll need next week.

So now I just need the students. I'm excited and a little nervous but feel so much more comfortable with this whole first day teacher thing than I did when I began three short years ago. I can't wait to see old students and hear their stories. I'm anxious to meet all my new kids--first impressions are always so interesting. 

Allison Stamer came to visit me at the new school and go out to lunch this afternoon. She's been away for a lot of the summer and will be heading back to IU soon--I was lucky I got to have time with her. Al just makes me so happy and I'm thankful for her honesty and questions and the way she has been living a life of adventure and spontaneity that totally inspires me.

After school I met Alli Kenney for probably the last time before she goes to school. I can't believe it but I know she's going to do great. We talked and ate and printed pictures, all things we do very well. I'm going to miss living normal life with her but know that we'll still be close.

Today was $2 Tuesday at the State Fair so the roommates and I hopped on our bikes and pedaled down the Monon to experience Indiana at it's finest. We played the "How many people do you think you'll see that you know?" game--I thought four, Colleen said one and Emel picked zero.

Almost as soon as we walked in I ran into Meghan Alexis Robinson, aka Megga Legga Ding Dong, an alumni camp counselor that now sends her students to Tecumseh. She reads Overlap and started an FBC at her school so we share a lot of similar interests to say the least. I'm so glad I got to see her for a little. And because I don't know him well, her husband Jason only counted as half a person in our game.

I saw one of my old students waiting in a ride line and then saw another one by the Dairy Barn but because I didn't talk to them they only counted as half people in the game too. Emel saw someone she knew... but then it wasn't actually them so Colleen said it was a negative person.

Our main focus was actually the food of the fair. Emel really wanted us to try the Spaghetti Ice-Cream. The noodles were gelato, the tomato sauce was strawberry and the meatballs were malted milk balls. So much more delicious than it looks. Next we shared fried cookie dough--it ended up being Emel's favorite.

Emel found a hot tub to bring home with us while Colleen and I got ears of corn--- see how they look like our ears?

Emel got chicken fingers and then we found someone to take our picture by the midway sign, one of my favorite photograph traditions.

While waiting in line for a lemon shakeup I spotted and talked to Grace Mears, her dad and a girl named Lauren that used to be a counselor with my sister. Boom- three points in the people game.

We had to check out the food can creations. Somehow I've never seen these before but I was so impressed. The Boilermaker train, Olympic rings with the American flag and Olympic torch...

Miss Dairy Queen 2012 and the Tractor from Cars.

They also had a pumpkin carved into an Indian chief. Noonway.

We ordered in the perfect State Fair sunset to be the backdrop for the Midway as we were leaving.

We rode our bikes back to our apartment and shortly after found out that Taylor Swift has a new song! We all sat in my room and listened to it together for the first time. I'm a huge fan already and plan on listening to it all the way to school tomorrow.

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