Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last day of Summer 2012

Sar and I woke up at 2am, carried a sleeping bag and walked out to the tennis courts to watch the meteor shower. We'd never seen one before and had to Rule #4 Take Opportunities. It was so hard to keep my eyes open that I only saw about 8 to Sarah's 17 but it was still so cool.

I was glad I got to see her one more morning before we had to say good-bye. I hate that for now we live so far apart. We're still dreaming that someday we're live in the same place and get to lead Young Life together.

We said good-bye to Katie, Nick and baby Lincoln for the summer. It was such a blessing to get to have all five of us get to be together and I will miss seeing them all everyday. I'm so glad I get to see them in just a week.

Mom and Dad we're taking the Brazilians, Josiah, Carole, and Connie to the State Fair for the day so Mom drove down with me and I tagged along.

One of the first things we saw was a whole table full of wolf shirts. The Indiana State Fair is both classy and stylish.

We love fair food. Mom and I got corn soon after we arrived. Over the course of the day we ate corn, a cheeseburger and fries, a lemon shake up and a milkshake.

We walked through the animal barns to see things like the prize winning pig and piglets. At a table by the Natural Resources building they were handing out wooden name tags minus the name part. Of course we snatched one up.

I saw another teacher from my school as soon as I arrived and then saw an old student waiting in a food line. I spotted Emma Flynn by her Camp Sunglasses tank and screamed her name. She was in the first session of CILTs this summer and I've missed her so much. I'm thrilled that we'll be so close this year.

Then as we were watching the Wild West show I realized that Izzy, a Choctaw girl the past two weeks, and her little sister Maddie were just two rows in front of us.

As Mom and I were walking to the Free Stage we ran into Emily and Ava Peterson and their mom. I've had both of these girls as campers and just think the world of them.

Jamie Z and I found each other next. I've loved getting to be partners with her this summer and it'll be so strange to not see her all the time. She and KJ were there with her entire family and I loved getting to see them all after she had talked about them all summer.

We did a little nature discovery trivia in the Master Gardner's garden, visited our old friend Buckeye, rode the train and mom bought a spider broom.

The coolest thing we stumbled upon was this Extreme Trampoline Show. Three guys were practicing and we got to watch them. You fall onto your back on the trampoline and then basically climb up the fiberglass wall or do flips back up onto the platform. It looked so dangerous and I'm shocked that no one got hurt in even the little time we watched them. They made Skyzone look like nothing--I would love to see their whole show.

While in line at the Dairy Barn I got a visit from Miss Olivia Odle, another session 1 CILT from this summer. She's the one who sent me one of the best letters ever last week. I'm excited that we'll get to hang out a lot this year.

Late afternoon I had to say good-bye to my parents and drive back to my apartment. Luckily Colleen was there when I pulled up and she helped me carry everything inside. It was a bit overwhelming seeing everything all piled up and feeling so caught in the middle of so many major changes but thankfully Molly and Alli showed up and unpacked a little and mostly were just there with me which was exactly what I needed them to do.

They're both leaving for school soon--Molls to Depauw and Alli to St.Mary's--and I'll miss them more than they know. We ate at Mellow Mushroom and they got frozen yogurt tonight because that's just what we do. It'll be so strange to transition to seeing them just when they come home for the weekend or for me to go visit them at their schools. I know we'll stay in touch with letters and Skype and texting, but it's just not quite the same as singing Taylor Swift in the car with Molls or crafting with Alli Kenney. Really love these girls.

Today was the last day of my summer. Tomorrow I have to go back to school and will become Miss Wright for a good seven hours of the day... weird. It's been an awesome summer. Molls, Alli and I were talking tonight about how it went by so fast it almost feels like it didn't even happen. So when life settles down and I have time I can't wait to go back and look at all my posts from this summer and read through the journal I kept at camp.

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  1. Sarah Wright, I miss you so much. Thanks for an amazing summer. You are an amazing counselor, teacher, Young Life leader, and friend. Have an amazing first week back at school! Those kids are in for a treat having you as their teacher.