Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I'm just so happy to see you right now."

I may have spent my whole weekend watching football and cross country, but my sport of choice hands down, is cross country. Tonight's meet was ideal because both Carmel and HSE would be running in the county competition. Almost right away Darian, a Carmel freshmen, spotted me and ran over. I haven't seen her in far too long. Abby and Brooke, two girls from HSE, were there cheering too and I'm glad I got to see them.

I got to yell for Grace, Rachel, Courtney and Bailee from HSE then for Emily, Elise, Samantha and Ellen from Carmel. It was insanely hot outside and still they ran so fast. Cross country is intense.

Carme's XC team is basically an army--over 140 girls. I walked through their camp, looking for Sam in the sea of blue but was surprised to instead spot Kacy, a session 2 CILT. Our jaws both dropped when we saw each other we were so excited. Natalie and Emily, session 1 (yes, so many CILTs all over the place), joined us too for a little camp party.

I finally found Samantha and though she had just finished running in the top of the Varsity race she still had a smile on her face. I miss having Campaigners at her house on a weekly basis and getting to talk about real life. It'll be strange not going to YL with her this year but know that we'll still see each other often.

Love my friends today-

Taylor telling me, "Sorry camp is over- that must be so sad," in a voicemail
getting to talk to Emily at 6:30 this morning about her new engagement
texting with Annie about little things that were great
a letter from Katherine
talking on the phone to Kata about school
texting with Mar Bro
Mags making time to Skype with me

Love my students today-

A conversation about our new retirement community pen-pals
"Do you think any of them were involved in Women's Rights?"
"Dude, that was in like the 1800's"
"Maybe they're time travelers!"

After winning the homophone race one of my students asked if he won anything. I told him he got pride which is obviously the best prize. He asked if he could have a leaf. Then reminded me at the end of class to not forget his leaf tomorrow.

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