Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sarah: Avid sports fan and soccer mom

I'm really excited about this semester now. At a week and a half in I've decided I love these students and am excited to keep getting to know them better. I'm laughing during class, being my camp self and adding new creative things to lessons. Today I added some pictures from the summer around my desk--some family, some camp, some Young Life, some bible study. I feel good about the new look.

After school I reunited with Grace and Mikaela because our separation anxiety had grown to an unbearable level. I hadn't seen Mikaela for a month and Grace since the last day of school. This pair is just so precious and continued to say, "We are together, right now, we're all together. This is the best." I love how they are intentional about being nice and including people, they love to be goofy and loud and don't worry if other people notice us laughing. Mikaela makes animal faces and Grace dances instead of walking.

You just can't beat girls like them.

HSE hires three teachers from each Junior High to come to the HSE v. Fishers football game to walk around where all the kids hang out and keep them in line. I decided this would be a great opportunity to see all my students, the 8th graders and hopefully a lot of my YL girls so I signed up. Because it would be more fun with a friend I convinced Alex to sign up with me. We got to wear these cool neon vests and get concessions for free. Boomslam.

This game was intense. The gates opened at 6 and the people flooded in, decked head to toe in blue for HSE or red for Fishers. By 6:05 the stands were full of fans and the game still wouldn't begin for an hour. They go big for this.

We got to wander through hundreds of 5th-8th graders that set up camp on the far end of the field. They were throwing paint and water bottles around, chasing their friends and jumping on each other. It was chaos and spirited and fun and crazy and the social event of the weekend.

Everywhere we walked we had kids shouting our names and running over to talk to us. Not going to lie, it was really fun. But I think my favorite part was seeing all the High School girls I know well. Emily, Natalie and Maggie are all so great and I'm excited to live life with them and invite them to YL events this Fall. I got to see girls from my Wyld Life cabin and old students I haven't seen in years.

The pit was crazy. The High School kids were painted in blue and kept the music and chanting going strong the whole game. I ran up near the end to visit a group of sophomores that had made it to the front but it was impossible to find anyone else I knew. HSE won the rivalry again 28-21. #royalnation

Saturday morning I woke up early and headed to the soccer fields to take on my new role as soccer mom for the weekend. I get to stay with Olivia Benz while her parents are out of town and cheer her on at all her games. I drank coffee while I watched the first game from my new borrowed folding chair.

During the break between games Olivia and I traveled across town to meet Jamie Zurawski. We all cheered on Olivia Odle, CILT session 1, and Libby one of my YL girls. We're super fans.

We loved cheering them on out their on the field. Such all stars.

Today was one of the best days, it was hot and sunny like a week 6 kind of day. I got to wear a camp frat outfit and hang out with great friends.

When their game was over Jamie and I ran across the field to attack the girls.

So much love.

The girls won their game and we were glad we got to see them for a bit before Libby had to head home. I'm thankful that it's so easy to show up to events like this.

Olivia chose Steak n' Shake for lunch. Chili mac is her favorite. While Odle got a grilled cheese, Jamie and I were twinners with cheeseburgers and milk shakes. We told camp stories and took pictures and laughed before we had to run off to the next game.

I'm so glad that I get to play with Olivia all weekend, that I got to be reunited with Jamie after two weeks (far too long) and that I saw Olivia for a second time this week.

"I've seen you a lot lately... I mean, I'm okay with that," Olivia told me. Yep. I'm a fan of being real life friends with her.

Game three I found a great spot in the shade to watch. Olivia played against a team that had three camp girls, one was in Choctaw with us the summer Olivia was my camper.

Olivia just joined this team but is doing such a great job of playing to her strengths and getting to know the girls. I got to watch her on the field and in the goal--such a champ.

It was necessary for us to make an Orange Leaf stop. Olivia prides herself in always filling her bowl to the very top. Can you guess which one is hers?

Other highlights of the night:

dinner at Moe's (Did you know they give out FREE chips and salsa?)
Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective videos on YouTube
singing at the top of our lungs in the car
popcorn and watching The Hunger Games

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