Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shake Jabooti, CYP- RUS Cyprus-Cyprus Is the best, KEN- YA HUH!

There have been so many Warrior cabins living in the River this summer. We get to see those kids at breakfast before they head up top for the rest of the day. I'm so glad I get to see Oksana, Courtney and Kaya every morning.

Happy Wolf Shirt Wednesday everyone. When I wake up on Wednesdays I don't even have to think about what I'm going to wear--must be how all the Cathedral kids in uniforms must feel.

In case you didn't know, the Olympics are in full swing. Camp Tecumseh has taken on the spirit to compete in our own challenges all week long. Each pair of cabins is a country for the week. Hopi and Choctaw are Kenya--we really like our tribal dance and chant KEN- YA HUH! KEN- YA HUH!

Wednesday afternoon the kids ran all over camp to try to win a gold medal in twenty different competitions. Kylie tried to break the hula hoop record, Adam was one of the Sports Casters.

Ellyn and I ran the Simon Says event. Leading this game is a lot harder than you would expect.

Cameron is here this week--he's one of those kids that makes friends with every counselor and is always finding us to give us hugs. He likes when we make goofy faces.

Do you remember this old camp song? I love my friends, I love my friends, I really really really really love my friends. I love you, I love you. I really really really really love my friends.

We were trying to figure out a hand sign for the CILTs and then Arielle helped Lexy warm up on the pavement.

When I read the Puppies chapter of Cold Tangerines to my cabin this week I told them that Mary and Molly Brunner and Chrissy were three of the original puppies. I love that we're still such a part of each other's lives and that we got to all be at camp for another summer.

Choctaw faced off Eel River in Tennis Baseball after dinner. It should probs be an Olympic sport.

When we got to the Nature Center Falco and Becca were still there. Because they're Nature Discovery experts we got to hold the snake!

My girls were hilarious. I love getting to be with Blazers because of things just like this.

We were supposed to sleep out in hammocks but when they went missing we decided to still embrace adventure and join Catawba and Chickasaw in their Main Field sleep out. Many of our girls had never slept outside before and this was so exciting for them.

Thursday Sar Mooney and I got to be Young Life party tank twins. When I was at Timber Wolf last week I had to get her one. It's one of my dreams that someday we'll get to lead Young Life together.

When the skit portion of chapel began I was shocked to hear familiar notes of the song "Everything" coming through the speakers. We often show a version of the skit to CILTs during their time at camp and it's incredibly powerful. The group of counselors that did the skit were awesome and I'm so impressed with how they adapted it for an audience ranging from 8-15 years old. Grace did an awesome job of wrapping all of it up.

I was thrilled to finally have an all camp chapel so I could see my Lake Village girls Caroline, Kiersten, Ryan, Kaya, Oksana, Olivia, Maggie and Kerri for a second. During weeks like this I really hate having two villages because I wish we could all be together. They're all awesome kids and I just wanted more time to talk and hang out with each of them.

We got to start painting our creations in Clay clinic. I love getting to know all of these kids better as the week goes on.

Baby Lincoln #blogphotobomb

Lake time on Thursday was extra fun for some reason. I was hyper by the time we got up there and so excited to get to play with everyone from the River.

We love Chrissy being cray cray and Carolyn always having energy...

wearing matching swimsuits without planning it...

kayaking with Mary and one of her girls and then going swimming in the shallow end.

Earlier in the week a group of counselors and kids started making Neverland on the beach and it has grown into this incredible village.

I was in awe checking out all the details--the spring coming out of a mountain, a clay levee, stone steps with a zipline at the top to another mountain, a sand bridge over one part of the moat.

This is so cool I can hardly stand it. I hope it'll keep growing when we come back to the lake next week.

Choctaw got to stay for extra blob time--the most anticipated event of the week.

I loved getting to be out there with them to blob them into outer space and cheering them on when they splashed back down. This activity was perfect for all of my energetic girls.

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