Thursday, August 16, 2012

Truth: this was a great day

Reasons why today was GREAT:

1. I got a cookie from a student in first period today, such a good way to begin.

2. I showed my classes the Chippewa cabin cheer on You Tube and we started brainstorming ideas for their class cheers. So far ideas include having a flash mob, duck hats, fire, paint, a High School Musical medley, and "Straight out of Comp Class, our writing is crazy."

3. More 8th graders came by my classroom today and I really loved seeing them.

4. After school I got to hang out with Haleigh and Haley, two of the girls that were in my Wyld Life cabin this summer. They told me stories all about the Amazing Race last weekend about people who are transferring and all about the first two days of school. I love that they're part of my Young Life world now.

5. There was a letter from Katie Erwin waiting for me when I got home today.

6. The thunderstorm made the perfect background for a nap... so I took one.

7. I got to hang out with Mary Ellen tonight and eat Chipotle and talk about life together. She has such a peaceful heart and the kindest demeanor and I'm so thankful that she is someone I can count on.

8. Erin O'Farrell showed up in Chipotle and brought with her a wave of fun and energy. Really love her.

9. Mags skyped me from COLLEGE where her across the hall neighbor is none other than Katherine McGill. That I believe is the definition of fun.

10. I had time tonight to put a little organization into my life, talk to my roommates and relax for a second. It was grand.

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