Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today I purposely made no plans. In the words of Brad Hough, "It's been a busy, busy, fun, fun week," and I know the same is in store for my weekend. Today needed to be a day of rest. I got home from school and then worked on finishing the reorganization that comes after camp and started rotating the pictures on my walls to better represent summer 2012. While some people dread cleaning and organizing, it has always been one of my favorite things.

My roommates, Emel and Colleen, wanted to go out for pizza and of course I couldn't pass up an offer like that. We went to Some Guys and got some unique toppings. I just love how fun this pair is--they tell hilarious stories and make strange comments. When I say, "Guess what!" they actually guess until they figure it out. I got to hear about Emel's new Smash Book and Colleen was the best at finishing everything on her plate even thought Cameron warned her not to.

We were overwhelmingly full but Emel insisted that we go to Orange Leaf because Colleen had still never been there. I was thrilled that Snickerdoodle is back and had to get a bit even though I thought I might explode.

I watched the movie "Blue Like Jazz" today as well. I'm such a fan of the book but now feel very indifferent about the film.

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  1. yeah i wasn't huge fan of the movie either. prefer and enjoy the book way more.