Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LIFE (x4)

FBC LIFE- Shelby, Courtney, Saba and Nat, four of the charter members of the FBC, came over to help make posters after school today. We've known each other for three years now and have such a history together that afternoons like this are so comfortable together.

We play music, eat snacks, tell stories, color some more, run around the school to tape up signs and talk about how the first meeting is going to be so big.

I love that even though they're sophomores in High School now they still want to come back and be a part of all of this. They'll be there teaching the new recruits how to finger weave potholder headbands and make 4-knots for the hardcore in just a few weeks.

YOUNG LIFE- It's a shift for me to think of HSE as the place where I'm now a Young Life leader. Today I sat in the stands of the Freshmen girls soccer game cheering on Haley, from my cabin this summer, Rachel, one of my FBC girls, and the rest of the team. It was cool for me to watch them running around on the field when I've heard all about club teams and try-outs and practices. They all rock too-- they won 4-0.

CAMP LIFE- It is phenomenal that there are so many CILT girls in Indy and convenient that a handful of them only live a few blocks away from me. I got to eat dinner with Katherine and Emma tonight, two of the camp-obsessed girls of Session 1. I love that we get to live real life together and that when we talk about missing camp the other people know exactly what we're talking about.

FRIEND LIFE- My roommates and Cameron were all hanging out when I got home so I joined the party. Coming back to this apartment has been such an easy transition, it's the first year I haven't had to move since college and I'm so thankful these are the people I get to live with. Colleen and Emel are two of the happiest and easy-going people I've ever met and they can find any situation funny. I love that I once again get to enjoy watching them eat vegetables, stories of the factory, waking up to their perkiness, chick flick Sundays, no pants Wednesdays, Fern, curfew, stories from work and about their dreams and all sorts of interesting facts they tend to collect through out the day.

We got a visit from Rachel and Emily when they popped in because they heard about the party going on in the kitchen. I love that I get to see them again on a regular basis now that I'm back in Indy, I really missed them this summer.

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