Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the "real" world

I woke up this Monday morning in my apartment in Indy, not in my bed in Choctaw cabin like I have every Monday morning since the summer began. It was very strange to say the least. Then to add to the weirdness I got up and drove on several major roads and highways to get to work instead of walking a few steps to flagpole before breakfast in the Main Lodge. I'm definitely back in the "real" world, or at least the world I live in for eight and a half months of the year.

My work day was filled with a district meeting, a school wide meeting and a department meeting. It was good to see friends from my school and go to lunch with co-workers. I got to see my class rosters, I have at least one Camp T kid and several younger siblings of past students that I know. I made seating charts and found printers that work. Remember that we're in a brand-new building so we're figuring out all sorts of things along the way and making it work. I'm excited for the kids to arrive in a couple days because that's what really makes this job worth it.

I met with Jon about HSE Young Life today. I love our conversations about how things are coming along, sharing success stories, and talking about what will come next. It continually feels like dreams are just coming true here and that God is doing such big things. I'm excited for us to start having Campaigners in a few weeks and to figure out what that will look like in our area.

I got to have Bella pizza for the last time with Emily and Hannah tonight. I have missed them this summer and I'm glad we got to see each other once more before they head off to school. Most of our dinner conversations have been centered around HS friends and classes and events but tonight we talked about college. I asked them about what they want to get involved in, what seems exciting and what they're nervous for. I got to give them advice and share some of the things I learned while living life at Hope. I'm so excited for them.

I visited Carmel Campaigners tonight and ran to hug Jenna in the driveway when I arrived. When Mary Ellen saw me after she pulled up she ran across the yard screaming and then jumped on me, still screaming. Gosh I have missed these friends. They are such a huge part of my world here in Indy and it has been so strange not having them consistently in my life. I admire both of them so much--for the way they live out their faith, because of how they make serving and loving kids such a priority in their lives, and the way they treat the people around them. It'll be so strange to not be doing YL in Carmel this year but I know that I will stay friends with these leaders.

As kids were arriving I saw someone sprinting towards me and then realized it was Claire Neterer. She's an old camp kid and I've been trying for years to get her to come to Young Life and then tonight she was there! Such an awesome surprise.

We had Campaigners in the bunk room. Look familiar? You might have seen it on Pinterest. (I freaked out when we walked in and couldn't stop asking questions about it, I want to live in there.)

Mary Ellen and Natalie were so excited for this group to write letters tonight--either a prayer to God or a letter to their future husband. The girls were unsure how to begin but then figured out what they wanted to say and started writing. It is such a cool thing to acknowledge that God knows who we're going to end up with someday and that he's molding both people and preparing them for that relationship. We got to talk about standards and non-negotiables and being patient and loving people well and prayed for our husbands together. Mary Ellen took everyone's letters to save until she thinks God wants us to have them back.

Now that I'm back in the "real" world I have so much more time on my phone and time on the road to talk to people. It was such a blessing to get calls from Mags and Taylor Porter today--just to hear their voices and hear about their lives and have them ask about mine. I so admire the way they love people well, how Maggie is so consistent, how Taylor lives adventures and is becoming ever more firm in her faith.

It is honestly really hard to be back here right now. I miss chapel in the Green Cathedral already and that I didn't get to run around camp with my cabin today or see my family at the table next to Choctaw's in the dining room or hug my best friends. But I'm also rediscovering all the reasons I love my life here too. I'm excited about remembering more of those things as the week goes on.

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  1. I'm not sure I realized you were in HSE. We should really get some local camp people together. There are a bunch of us right around here, you know?