Sunday, November 25, 2012

A baby Lincoln Thanksgiving!

I woke up Wednesday morning ready to spend the next few days with three of my favorite people--Katie, Nick and baby Lincoln.

We had a busy Thanksgiving morning baking challah bread, cooking the turkey, making casseroles, playing with Linc and watching the Macy's parade.

Linc snuck some vegetable. Don't worry, he also likes pizza.

Malena, one of my 8th graders was in the parade! On the float with Megan and Liz, You Tube stars, she's behind them above the shoulder of the girl in the red coat. So exciting to spot her on TV.

We packed up Lincoln  the hot dishes, got in the truck and drove to the Thanksgiving festivities.

We met Nick's family at their church and had lunch with about 60 people. We loved watching Linc interact with all the other kids. Once he was inside this tunnel he wasn't about to give up his spot so he helped push this other kid past him even though it was a tight squeeze. He was so serious about staying there and we were all cracking up watching.

This plate of food? Lincoln ate every last bite. Then sat back in his chair to relax.

On a whim and Nick's suggestion, Katie and I drove down to the Michigan City outlets for Black Friday shopping on Thursday night. We hit J Crew first-- at 65% off everything it was easy to find something for everyone in the whole family and to get matching outfits for Katie and I. Randomly flipping through the rack at OshKoshB'Gosh I turned right to A BABY WOLF SHIRT! We've been on the hunt since Linc was born. Hallelujah, now he has something to wear on Wednesdays.

Friday we got Linc dressed up in his overalls for a very special outing-- cutting down the Christmas tree!

It was beyond freezing and the barn was abandoned. Once we realized that it was safe to go inside we found it was full of treasures like doll furniture, toboggans, hot chocolate, deer heads, this giant 4 wheeler and a block of wood with the owners cell phone number on it. Not creepy at all.

We called him up and he told us to leave the money under the log and go cut down any tree we wanted. We hunted around for the perfect one and finally found one that was just right. Nick carried the tree, I got Linc and Katie took the saw.

We cozied up for the rest of the afternoon as we put up Christmas decorations and watched Miracle on 34th St. 

Saturday morning we met some family at the Rainbow Grill for breakfast. Nothing like coffee, hot chocolate, girls v. boys tables, sweet buns and bacon to bring in the holiday season.

That night we went to a Christmas part for Nick's mom's side of the family--with 43 great grand-children it was quite the crowd. Linc got the Duplo farm kit and loved the cow and farmer Floyd.

His cousins got new BeyBlades and a new BeyBlade arena to battle. We tried it out with them for awhile.

Early this morning I woke up to head back to Indiana. All good things must come to an end and this Thanksgiving break was pretty perfect. Can't wait till I get to see them all again soon.

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