Monday, November 12, 2012

"OMG I FORGOT TODAY IS MONDAY. My day seriously just got 10x better!"

Today I got to hang out with four of the "volleyball girls" after school. They've been coming to YL every week but this was the first time we got to do something extra and it was so fun. We attempted to get into the giant Orange Leaf bowl until we were asked not to, filled our bowls with delicious goodness, and explored all over the new Junior High because they hadn't seen it yet.

Tonight was the first night that Campaigners didn't feel so new to me. Sitting around eating dinner and talking with the other leaders felt normal. Being with these kids in the gym and in our small groups felt normal. This is what we do on Monday nights now.

I remember the first night we met I didn't know what to expect since this was going to be so new for everyone. We would teach them routines and form a culture and dive into conversations like this for the first time. But now this is just what we do.

There are still going to be new faces showing up and I'm sure they'll keep initiating themes like tonight's pajama night. But tonight I was thankful that it feels a little less surreal now. I love that this is real life these days.

You know this quote that shows up on Instagram and posters and inspirational books,  "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Being a YL leader is one of the things that makes me come alive. Getting to invite kids into this place where we live life differently, where we are learning to become more like Christ, where we build authentic relationships makes me so excited I want to make it part of my every day.

And for many of these kids they're finding that having a relationship with Christ and being part of faithful community is what makes them come alive. This night is the highlight of their week and they hate when they have to miss out. I've been giving the girls in my group challenges for until the next time we meet and I love when I hear that they've been sticking with them.

Todd shared the story of two men--one built his house on the sand and the other built his house on the rock. When the winds and storms came the house built on the sand was washed away but the one on the rock stood firm. When we think about what is going to be the foundation of our lives, Christ should be the rock. Tonight we got to add on to that strong foundation. I'm so thankful I get to be part of that.

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