Wednesday, November 28, 2012

""Oh happy day. Just because it is. So we're gonna make it the best day ever."

Highs of the Day
1. Emel telling me my dress, coat, scarf, tights combo was so cute before I walked out the door this morning
2. Getting to play with shaving cream on my desk during class because it was part of one group's board game
3. Working on special surprises for the upcoming CILT reunion


4. Lucy showing me her cup game turned stomp routine that's so cool
5. Getting to hang out with Kylie after school and talking about families and life and the holidays and YL together
6. Having a few girls interview Alex, Lori, Kathy and I about our favorite Christmas traditions and songs after school while we planned for Wyld Life Club

7. Picking up Grace and Katy for dinner, eating chips and salsa like its our job, hearing stories about their siblings
8. Texts with Ellie like "Love you more than Maggie loves back rubs" and "Love you more than Odle loves her Sperry's"
9. Cheering on Abby in her basketball and yelling whenever she made a basket

10. Yelling for Natalie, Anna and Chelsea in their game
11. Getting to hang out with all these girls and just be goofy together
12. Seeing Rachel Phillips, Helen and Rachel Buckingham cheering for the games

13. Sitting with Olivia in the stands
14. Finding out the FBC sweatshirts are done and I get to pick them up on Monday!

15. Saba has been on the HS Varsity dance team for two years but tonight was the first time I got to see her perform and she was awesome
16. Running into Madison and her mom in the stands at the Varsity game

17. Yards filled with Christmas lights and blow up holiday displays
18. A spontaneous three way phone call with Annie and Mags

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