Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some thankfulness practice since Thanksgiving is almost here

  1. Grace when I make a mistake
  2. When I hear the Good Morning song on KLove
  3. A hot pot of coffee waiting in Alex's office every morning
  4. Students that rock and make teaching so awesome this semester
  5. Creative versions of "Where I'm From" poems
  6. Annie's "The Things They Carried" essay
  7. Seeing students get excited about writing
  8. My team for the Amazing Race
  9. A new bulletin board of thankfulness in the hallway
  10. The feeling when someone compliments your outfit
  11. Phone calls with some of my best friends
  12. Coffee with Paige after school
  13. Two roommates that I'm lucky to live with
  14. Notes from friends getting FBC sweatshirts
  15. Dinner with Emily
  16. How perfectly Yats hits the spot on such a cold day
  17. Excitement and anticipation for Thursday's concert and this weekend's trip
  18. Hearing "Your love never fails" and never getting tired of it
  19. Being able to go to bed early
  20. A family that's healthy and safe and happy

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