Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Wherever you are, be all there." -Jim Elliot

Today was a day for the history books. Never before have I celebrated Wolf Shirt Wednesday and No Pants Wednesday at the SAME TIME! KCraig and I rocked our new Timber Wolf Lake shirts and I had to dress it up with some tall boots and pearls. Strangely enough, no one questioned my apparel choices all day long.

I heard this song on the radio this morning and I'm loving it. Who You Are by Unspoken. Wish I could lead a devotion on it tonight.

Tonight I got to hang out with Erin and Lizzy, two of the funniest girls I know. I wish we could see each other more often but I'm thankful for nights like tonight with them.

School was full of opinions and thoughts about the election today. The most exciting one for me, and for most teachers, was that Glenda Ritz beat out Tony Bennett for the State Superintendent of Education. It's amazing what a group of fired up people can acheive. Bennet had over a million dollars of support in his campaign compared to Ritz's few thousand. But because of teachers that spoke and spread the word to anyone that would listen about what Bennett's changes are doing to our schools and our students, Ritz won! It's exciting and though the future of education is still unsure because of other peope in charge there does seem to be some hope now.

I had another day to use the guest pass so I went back to yoga after school this afternoon. I don't think I'll become a yoga guru like Colleen or Fitz but it was fun to try for another afternoon. I'm awful at forcing myself to just turn everything off and rest. I love distractions and projects and business to the ninth degree. Attempting to just be for an hour was good for me.

Today I'm missing some of my friends that I haven't seen in far too long.

I miss Annie Fazzio--her heart that is so big, the way she would do anything for anyone, her goofiness, and her unrelenting hope for the future. I miss Taylor Porter--the adventures we always have together, the way she opens up her life story to me and wants to know about mine, her courage to be bold and be different, and the way she continually teaches me more about passionately following Christ.

I miss Emily Westcott and getting to be her Young Life leader. I miss her ability to make anyone feel welcome, the way she admits that she doesn't have it all figured it out but that she wants to grow closer to Christ, her gentle spirit that will accept whatever comes to her and how good she is at being in community with people. I miss Molly Henry-- having her be such a consistent part of my day to day life, the way she can make anything fun and feel like an adventure, how much she loves her family and being an Aunt, her creativity and gosh I miss that laugh.

I miss Chrissy and Kata--two of my oldest camp friends that have been it for the long haul. I miss Chrissy's selflessness and how she is always there to listen to her friends, her joy that shines out of all she does and her incredible patience. I miss Kata's boldness, her heart that wants her friends to be like her family, her dependability and her confidence that allows her to be her authentic self all the time.
I miss Sarah Fitz so much. Our friendship has already done a pretty good job of withstanding the tests of time and distance and I know that she'll always be there if I need her. In some ways we're so different from each other--while I'm teaching kids to center their titles, she's investigating a story that will air on the nightly news--but in other much more important ways I know that we are so much of the same heart.

I miss Sarah Briggs--the morning I found out that I might get to live with her was one of the most exciting ever. She is proof that first impressions aren't always accurate and has become one of my best friends and role models. I miss getting to see her with her Young Life girls and loving her friends so well, how she always speaks her heart whether that means she's fired up or she might tear up, the way she prioritizes things that actually matter and lets the rest work itself out.


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