Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Highs of the Day

1. Our school had it's own presidential election this morning. Two representatives from each SLT/State appeared on a live feed to announce their electoral votes. The kids from my class wore OSU jerseys and said, "O-H, I-O. We're from Ohio, home of Great Wolf Lodge, Kings Island, the inventors of gum and the true home of Lebron James. We give our 18 electoral votes to Mitt Romney." It was so fun to see the whole school come together for an event like this.

2. I got a letter written on a napkin from Taylor Porter--even on a napkin she is still one of the most thoughtful, vulnerable, honest, wise and real people I know.

3. After school I went to pick up Butt and found Maddy, Haleigh and Payton too. We got Orange Leaf and talked about school and the election craziness. Today I was reminded of what a gift it is that it's so easy now to hang out with kids after school because of matching schedules and close proximity.

4. I shocked Colleen when tonight I cooked pesto ravioli and even cut up a couple tomatoes for it too. Big day.

5. When I asked Emily if she wanted to watch election results she asked me if I wanted to come as her guest to yoga. I decided to Rule #4 and had to take her up on that. Colleen ended up coming too and it was a flashback to yoga in NYC with Fitzie.

6. More FBC sweatshirt orders came in at school and in the mail today. If you want one don't forget to sign up by Nov 13th!

7. I worked on some Campaigners sheets for HSE today. It took me back to planning devotions for CILTs and felt like I was doing something really important.

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